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Anniversary Photo 2016

Here it is!

This year’s anniversary photo! Enjoy!


Darryl is holding a flapping chicken, Sadie is holding Donna Trump the duck, Chad is holding one of the kittens, I’m holding Justice, obviously, and Tirzah is eyeing something. Maybe the cat.

Always a good time. This photo is also posted in the sidebar with the previous ones if you want to look back. I’m sure glad I started doing this 10 years ago!


Anniversary Photo 2015

Our Anniversary is in September, but hey, it’s still 2015. So here it is!


There’s a duck in there, and a chicken and a cat. It’s already crazy enough holding all these critters, so one from each category will have to suffice.  I’ve added it to the Anniversary Photo Gallery in the right column.

I think this is my favourite one yet.