Meal Planning

I know I’m not the only one who has a hard time coming up with ideas for meals once in a while.  So I thought I’d share my list with you.  It’s the one I refer to when I’m writing up my 2-week menu and grocery list.  The one that’s currently scattered over 10 (seriously!) different scraps of paper piled under a magnet on my fridge.  This is here so I can throw out those scraps because all my ideas are in one place.  Maybe eventually I can link them all to recipes (baby steps, baby steps).  Hope this helps you as much as it helps me!  (Just dinners on here for now, and we stopped eating pig.  Sides at the bottom)



Roast (oven or crockpot)

Pizza (use leftover ground beef), homemade or frozen crust

Pizza casserole (no crust, everything you’d put on a pizza, topped with sauce and cheese)

Rice and ground beef skillet

Spaghetti w/ spaghetti squash ‘noodles’ or pasta

Salisbury steak

Minestrone soup

Burritos (one of the few meals my kids all like)

Stir fry

Swiss mushroom burgers (homemade)

Enchiladas (homemade tortillas, sauce)



Shepherds pie (using leftover mashed potatoes)

Cabbage roll casserole (shred cabbage, mix with everything else, bake)

Taco soup


Roasted (all beef) smokies and root veggies


Whole roasted chicken (use leftovers for anything else and bones for stock or soup!)

Alfredo w/mushrooms, peppers

Chicken breast

Chicken soup w/barley or rice or noodles

Chicken pizza (casserole or crust)

Breaded chicken (panko crumbs)

Stuffed chicken breast (try mozzarella and spinach)

Chicken and spinach enchiladas


Salmon loaf (biscuit dough braided over salmon mixture), mushroom gravy


Baked fish

Tuna melts (any bread, tomato, tuna mixture, cheese, broiled)

Breaded fish (panko crumbs)

Meatless (meat optional)

Tomato soup

Pea soup

Quiche w/veggies, cheese/cauliflower, cheese/

Butternut squash soup

Tuscan bean soup 

Scalloped potatoes

Borscht (beet soup)

Macaroni and cheese (not from a box!)

Mushroom soup

Broccoli cheese soup



Deer roast

Deer smokies

Sides (choose any two)

Cheesy cauliflower

Steamed veggies (any)

Rice or pasta or egg noodles

Potatoes, mashed, baked whole or cubed, scalloped

Potato salad

Kohlrabi with honey butter

Yam fries (with spicy mayo sauce!)

Roasted root veggies

Mashed turnip

Wilted spinach

Frozen veggies

Green salad

Shredded beet (fried in butter)

Green beans with sesame seeds

Glazed carrots (easy on the honey)

French bread, biscuits, whole wheat toast, sourdough

Baked beans


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