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Anniversary Photo 2016

Here it is!

This year’s anniversary photo! Enjoy!


Darryl is holding a flapping chicken, Sadie is holding Donna Trump the duck, Chad is holding one of the kittens, I’m holding Justice, obviously, and Tirzah is eyeing something. Maybe the cat.

Always a good time. This photo is also posted in the sidebar with the previous ones if you want to look back. I’m sure glad I started doing this 10 years ago!


Anniversary Photo 2015

Our Anniversary is in September, but hey, it’s still 2015. So here it is!


There’s a duck in there, and a chicken and a cat. It’s already crazy enough holding all these critters, so one from each category will have to suffice.  I’ve added it to the Anniversary Photo Gallery in the right column.

I think this is my favourite one yet.

One Photo

We lived in the mobile home on 10 acres of forest for nearly 6 years.

All 3 of my kids were born in that house!

I was very happy to move.

I was aware that many people get sentimental about a house when they leave it.

I didn’t want to be sentimental about that particular house.

But all 3 of my kids were born in that house! (literally)

So I made a single momento so I wouldn’t get all teary-eyed about leaving.

One photo.  Me and each child, in the spot in that living room where they were each born.



3kids compressed

Now I’m not sad at all about leaving those memories (or that house) behind!

(Yeah, I took 3 photos and edited them into one in photoshop.  It’s one of my favourite photos, even though the lighting is terrible and I look like I spent the last 2 days packing and cleaning)

Anniversary Photo #8

I guess it’s that time of year again.  Time to gather the troops and round up animals and hopefully get a shot of everyone looking at the camera at the same time.

Here’s our 8th Anniversary Photo!

Finally a different background.  I will tell you all about this house in another post.  It’s VERY unique (God does answer prayer), and on 11 acres right on a lake!  You may notice the real live STALL in the bottom right corner.  Yep, it used to be a barn, and it’s having trouble letting go of the past.

The car….

The car isn’t there because it’s been in the shop for a month getting a new fuel tank and pump.  It’s back now.

Another thing you can’t see in the photo is the pile of empty and full boxes and other random junk that’s conveniently hiding behind us, almost like it was planned that way.

So there you have it.  Big changes this past year.  This crazy life gets better all the time!


2013 Anniversary Photo

Hey.  I know, it’s been a while.

Just wanted to share our anniversary photo(s) with you!

I had 6 spots left on my camera, and trying to get everyone in the photo is tricky when you’re dealing with a cow not used to being led, a dog who is scared of the cow, and a chicken who would rather be anywhere else.  And then getting a 2 year old boy to look AT the camera when we’re behind him telling him to look at the camera.  Gets a little crazy.


The horses, especially the white one, were pretty dirty and their manes are full of burrs, so we were content to show their rear ends instead of their heads.  The cow was supposed to be standing in front of the garbage cans.  She’s not very cooperative though.  I’m holding a chicken in the photo above, but Kai didn’t make it into that photo.

He’s in this one though!  Grovelling at our feet trying to look as harmless to the cow as possible.  She’s eyeing him up for an attack.


I cropped the next one so the quality isn’t as good.  But it kind of reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting, with the dog wandering off (getting away from the cow as quickly as possible), Chad looking the wrong way, and Sadie looking frightfully bored with it all.


I probably could crop out the truck in the first two photos, since just that day Darryl was pulled over and told he’d have to get it fixed and inspected before he drove it again cause it’s been belching a lot of smoke lately.  It needs a new engine, but I think we’ll just try to get a different truck eventually.  One with 4 doors!

Only two months till we meet the next addition to our family!  Yay!

6th Anniversary Photo!

As you may be aware, we take a photo every year around our anniversary (Sept. 23) just to show us in front of our house with our vehicle(s) and animals (Here’s #5, #4, and #3).

This year, we were a couple weeks late, but that’s cause we decided to clean out the shed the weekend of our anniversary so the whole front area was covered with piles of random stuff for 2 weeks before we found time to finish building new saddle racks and shelves in the shed and hauling most of the stuff back in.  Oh, and Darryl also sheeted most of the walls in the shed in an attempt to reduce the mouse problem.

Anyway, we finally got the yard cleaned up just in time for my seester Hannah to come over to take our photo.

So here it is.

Part of the fun of this photo is figuring out how to get all the animals in it.  We didn’t.  And I’ll tell you why.

(Deep breath) Darryl had the rooster under one arm and grabbed the cat with the other arm, but the rooster didn’t like being so close to the cat and started squawking, which made the cat hiss and try to run away.  Darryl grabbed the cat’s foot and Kai thought this looked like fun so he tried to get the cat while the rooster kept squawking and the cat hissing.  There was no making peace between them all so Darryl let go of the cat, who streaked away, and then for some reason Kai DID NOT want to come anywhere near the cow (maybe because she gives him the stare-down and threatens to run him over if he gets anywhere near her).  So he was cowering over by Hannah while she took the pictures.

At least we got the rooster in the picture.

Oh, and to add to the chaos, Sadie was scared from the rooster squawking and was crying the whole time.

Moola and the horses were pretty cooperative.

And, yes, I was laughing most of the time.  That’s how I deal with chaos.

Thanks Hannah!

Anniversary #5

Here it is, almost a month late.

Our Annual Anniversary Photo!

There’s no point trying to pretty it up and make it look like we’re not living in a reno since the whole purpose of this exercise is to show where we live, what we drive, and what assorted children and animals we have.  These are NOT family photos and will probably never be framed.  If they’re lucky, they’ll all get printed off and maybe even compiled in an album.  When we’re old and senile.

We actually got both vehicles AND the horses in this one photo, probably because we’re on the horses this time.

Yes, we had help.  Nicole held various children and animals in the juggle to get everybody on a horse.  Then she took the pictures for us (Thanks Nicole!).

We used oats to entice the chickens into the picture, and we also got one of the ducks in there too.  Did you see it?

How about now?

Now scroll back up to the first photo and see if you can find the kitty (who now has a name…we’ll see if it sticks.  Ninja!).

After the photos, Nicole watched the chilluns while Darryl and I tootled up to the end of the road and back on the horses.  Second time we’ve been riding together since we got Sonny!  Awful, I know!

We will have to remedy that immediately.  Maybe a live-in (free) babysitter/housecleaner/cook/chicken wrangler/handyman would help.

Any takers?