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I Painted My Bedroom

The master bedroom is often one of the last priorities when redecorating rooms. Mine is no exception.

When we were painting this house the week before we moved in, we were going to put the master bedroom downstairs in what is now the den. Upstairs had this big, open room with tons of natural light, so we were going to use it for a library, watching movies, homeschooling, toys, and just general hanging out. So I chose a pale yellow for the entire upstairs. I pictured a warm, sunny room to spend cold winter days in.

Then we moved our mattresses into the downstairs room and slept in there once or twice. And hated it.

The room was on the small side for a king sized bed, there wasn’t really room for a dresser so I was going to use the built in cupboards and shelves on one wall, and it would have been really crowded with the baby’s playpen in there. There was no closet. The kids and laundry and shower were all upstairs. Not to mention, the chicken coop was on the other side of the wall, and there was even a window to look in there, so when the girls were laying eggs in the morning, we would be able to hear ever squawk.

So after listing all the reasons it wasn’t going to work, Darryl helped me move the bed, and we took over ⅔ of the big sunny room upstairs. It’s about 12×24 feet. And it has one of the two closets in the house. Did I mention it has it’s own private deck with an amazing view of the lake? No brainer.

There was no wall to separate it from the rest (still no wall), but we put three bookcases side by side and that blocked off all but a doorway. Then we hung curtains behind the bookcases using the cable for the dog run we found outside. And there we stopped.


The furniture is all mismatched, free stuff. The bedding is from Costco. The rug was bought used for $40. The headboard (which I love) was an old door we bought at a flea market before we got married for $15. It’s a teal/turquoise colour on the other side. I started stripping this side and that’s how far I got, and I like it that way. The lamps were part of a cheap walmart set (and I want to replace them). My bedside table is two old wooden crates stacked up, and Darryl’s is an old filing cabinet with the bottom drawer missing. Needless to say, the room needs help.


I’ve had the dresser since I was little, and I painted it red because I was going to paint black over that and sand the edges down to the red, but that never happened (probably a good thing). The radio cabinet I love, and want to have refinished one day. The plant is fake. The cradle was made by my Grandpa for me when I was born. It’s not actually crooked. Not sure why it looks that way. The bear rug was a gift from my brother (live or dead animals are always a welcome present. Haha). I did the painting on the canvas, and the chair was given to us. So, as you can see, hardly any money went into this room, and it kinda shows.

So, I’ve got this idea in my head of what I want it to look and feel like, and then Darryl tells me I need to do something to cover the windows so he can sleep part of the day (he does shift work). So I researched blinds and drapes of all types and came to the conclusion that anything that looks nice is going to cost way more than I want to spend, so I came up with this great idea of painting the walls dark and making curtains out of drop cloth, and if we still need to, we can buy the ugly blinds, cause then they’ll be hidden by the curtains.

So I painted the room.


And that’s as far as I’ve gotten for now. I wanted the colour of the darkest storm cloud, and settled on Rona’s Tungsten. It’s hard to tell exactly what colour it is, cause sometimes it looks dark grey, sometimes blue, and sometimes almost black. I like it. It feels way more cozy.

I haven’t made the curtains yet, cause I need two drop cloths and they only had one when I went to buy them, and haven’t gotten another one yet cause they’re $50 (gasp, even though that’s cheap for covering two windows!), and the ones they got in are a different texture (ugh). Hopefully I can find the same one somewhere, or I’ll have to switch textures. But the room is darker. Hehe.


And it’s far from finished.

I should just put up some art, cause if I do move it, the nail holes won’t show. I was kinda waiting till The Wall is built, but I just now decided I’m not waiting any longer.

I like the way gold looks with the dark grey, and I found a pair of brass lamps at the share shed, so I replaced the lamps. Now I need new shades. And bedside tables. And a rug. And bedding. And a tufted bench at the foot of the bed. And a huge mirror.

And I suppose some curtains would be good too.



A Few Inside Pictures

Not all of my house is camera ready at the same time, unfortunately. I really wish it was, but with three smalls who love rearranging their stuff, and mine, on a regular basis, it gets difficult to keep up.  So these pictures were not all taken recently, but not much has changed, other than being a lot messier now.

This is the “library”.


We call it that cause it contains the majority of our books.  It’s also my sewing room and the kids play there too, which causes all sorts of organizational nightmares.

This is the other side, opposite the bookshelves.  The cupboards hold my vast fabric stash. Ha! Not really.  I also have a couple of bins under the sewing table on the other wall, which I neglected to take a picture of at the time, probably because it was an embarrassing mess. Now it’s even worse.


This room really needs in intervention.  I caught it on a good day.  My sewing table is buried under stuff under the window, and the opposite wall has a bookshelf with the kid’s books and some of their treasures, and their play kitchen beside it.  And a couple of huge picture frames leaning against the wall.

This room serves mostly as a storage facility and hallway to the master bedroom, and the bookshelves serve as our wall until we get around to building one.  Too bad that’s waaaaaay at the bottom of our priority list right now.

This room is much better.


I’ve never had a guest room that looked this nice.  Scratch that.  I’ve never had a guest room.  We squeeze all the kids into one room so that I can have one room in the house that always looks good.  And it’s not even finished.  The walls need another coat of paint, but we were just using up the leftovers from the entire upstairs and the colour is going to change anyway.  The blinds were whipped together using some curtains I already had and didn’t need anywhere else.  I just cut them to fit the window and sewed a hundred little rings on the back to make roman blinds, cause the sun beats in all afternoon and turns the room into a sauna.  They’re not the right colour, but they work.


And the headboard I built way back when I was still a teenager is getting put to use!  And I just noticed it’s backwards.  The curtains are just sheets that I opened the ends of the top hem on and slid them onto the rods.  Easiest and cheapest curtains ever.  One day I will get around to showing you how I made the curtain rods for the entire downstairs for less than the cost of one curtain rod.

There’s also a dresser with a whole empty drawer!  This mirror was a share shed find that I spray painted with some leftover paint.  The clay bowl and pitcher were also from the share shed, unfinished.  I did the painting behind it.


And here’s a little glimpse of my bathroom.  I took this one just to show the shower curtain I found after a few months of looking for one I liked.  It was only $11 from Jysk, which is in another town.  I had to get a friend to pick it up while she was there.


That’s it for now.  I have a few pictures of the dining room, but they’re scattered around and need to be uploaded here first.

And right now, Sadie needs me to find her reader cause if she finds it, she doesn’t have to do the laundry.  Muahaha.  Motivation comes in many forms.


Kid’s Bedroom Update

This is what the kid’s room looked like before we moved in.  It was a guest room.


We decided to lighten it up a bit.  When I painted the first wall across from the window, I thought I’d made a dreadful mistake because the yellow was VERY bright.  Like almost fluorescent.  Then I painted the same yellow on the other side of the wall, in the big upstairs room, which used to be blue, and it was a much nicer yellow.  So I stopped panicking.  The sunlight streaming in the kid’s window just makes it look fluorescent.  No biggie.


The kids switched places, so Sadie is on the bottom bunk and Chad is on top.  We put princess curtains across the front of Sadie’s bed (the curtains were made using one $7 panel from walmart, cut in half and hemmed to slide on a tension wire).


This chase for the chimney is not in a good spot, but it’s pretty hard to move, so we have to work around it.  I have big plans for the dresser alcove, but this is the set up for now.  The kitchen is from IKEA.  I was pretty surprised at the quality and thought put into the design of it.  I have more plans for that alcove too.


I wanted to do something graphic on the wall opposite the window, but I wasn’t about to buy and install wallpaper or take hours painting with a stencil.  I’m all for quick and easy.  So I drew on the wall with an orange Sharpie.

This was my Pinspiration.

And this is what it looks like!


The yellow in the kitchen alcove isn’t actually that bright…that’s what this fun setting on my camera makes it look like.  It’s a much softer, paler yellow.


As you can see, we still have no baseboards in here yet.

It’s not a complicated pattern.  Everything is 6″ apart, and it doesn’t have to be perfect.  I worked my way across the wall, starting at the door, and by the end, I was out about ½ inch from ceiling to floor.


I have no idea how easy hard it will be to paint over.  Hopefully a good primer will do the job.

But it looks cool, the kids like it, and it cost me 4 hours and 1 Sharpie.  I call that a success.

Would you ever try this?

The Stairwell After

I know it’s been a while since you’ve seen the before photos, so here they are again.  This is the stairwell when we moved in, but after we filled the cat scratches all over the spindles.





And after!












We installed the battens and painted pretty much every surface in the stairwell except the ceiling.  Because the walls aren’t exactly square, it took 7 or 8 caulking gun tubes of DAP to fill all the cracks.

We LOVE it!  It suits the house so well and looks so great.  Our landlady finally came for a visit and couldn’t believe the difference.  She loved it too.

We still have a refinished chandelier to hang in the stairwell, and then it will be complete.  Mostly.   I’ll hopefully be able to show you the chandelier up soon.  We also have to continue the baseboards for the whole upstairs except the bathroom, at some point when the landlady wants to buy us the materials.

Next up: the kid’s room.

House Tour – Exterior

Now I can show you the outside of the house because I actually got my butt in gear and remembered to take a few more photos of outside before it snowed, and then finally got around to editing and uploading them here.  The outside is also pretty unique.  Remember, it used to be part of an indoor riding arena, which has since been removed and a carport added.  The den used to be an office for a local lawyer or real estate person (I forget which) and still has an unusable door to the back deck.

From the street.  We’re at the end of a cul-de-sac.


Still getting moved in.  This one shows the car we borrowed for a month while ours was in the shop.


The front windows.  6×6 feet each.


The stall on the bottom and the deck upstairs.


Darryl washed the timbers in the carport with something that strips the weathered part off, then stained them.  This is the before picture.


This picture is from one of the higher spots in the pasture.


From the end, the house looks a little goofy.


The back deck.


The backside of the barn.  There’s a sheltered corner in the middle and a “bunkhouse” inside the window on the right (and my dad’s black trailer showing on the far right).  The landlady stores a bunch of her stuff in there.


That telephone pole in the middle is where a power line used to go to the neighbour’s house.


The grass in this pasture is literally 7 feet high.  An adult can disappear in it.  There’s a low spot in the pasture behind the barn that stays wet all year long.  At least, we assume it does because it was wet since we got here in the middle of August and the grass was still green until it snowed.

We are hoping, that by managing our grazing well, the grass in the rest of the pasture will improve and stay green longer as well.  It’s been 2 years since these fields were (over)grazed.  We have a few (ok, a lot) patches of burdock and canada thistle to deal with and a healthy population of gophers.  I dealt with most of the burdock in the lower pasture before we moved in (not much to do when you’re camping).  Incidentally, the best way I’ve found of killing those stubborn plants is by pulling the mature burrs off in the fall but leaving the plant (I used to do noxious weed removal for the city and we always had to dig them out…doesn’t work).  Any plant I’ve ever done that to never comes back.  They turn black and  you can pull them out of the ground the next year.  And make sure you bag the burrs and send them to the landfill for a proper burial.  I bagged 2 of the large, heavy duty garbage bags full of burrs so far, and that wasn’t all of them in the lower part.

Anyway, I didn’t mean for a post about the exterior of our house to turn into a handbook for weed removal, but you never know when knowledge like that will come in handy, right?

Living Room Tour

Alrighty, I have pictures of my living room!  It’s MOSTLY done.


I was going to hang the mirror vertically but I’m kinda liking it propped there.  Was also going to hang the gold framed chalkboard but it’s too cluttered that way, so I’ll just leave that propped on the sewing cabinet for now.

There are currently no plug ins for lamps in that entire corner of the house, hence the extension cord going over the door.  I need to get another white cord and some of those little clear stick-on hooks to keep it tucked against the door frame, until such time as Darryl can wire up a plug-in into the box that’s already there with wires inside and a metal plate over it.  Not sure why anyone would take a plug out and cover the hole when it’s the only one in the vicinity.  One of this house’s many idiosyncrasies.


As you can see, it’s a fairly small area.  Looking at the picture above, I think the best option for additional seating would be a pair of tufted ottomans/stools that could be moved around easily.  Something like this.



I’d also rather have a soft carpet instead of this grass mat.


Something like this.



Yes, I have expensive taste.  But it doesn’t have to cost a lot.


You can totally get nice stuff for next to nothing.  Sometimes, just letting people know what you’re looking for works great.  The wooden candlesticks were $1 at a garage sale, with the candles too.  The pottery …thing, on top of the books was free at the share shed.  The books were my grandpa’s.  I can’t remember where I got the antler.  Probably from my brother.  The mirror was at a fun little shop in West Kelowna for $20.  The radio cabinet was a hand-me-down from family.  Flowerpot–free from the share shed and the plant was a couple bucks back in the spring.  The floor lamp was about $6 at a garage sale.


The curtains were from my sister (thanks Hannah!).  I made the curtain rods because buying enough for just the main floor alone would have been insane and they don’t make rods long enough for these 3 windows together anyway.  I’ll tell you about that another time.

The couch was from Darryl’s Aunt.  I think I wrote about that a couple years ago, but we had purchased a couch and loveseat off craigslist for $50.  They were comfortable and worked in our old living room, but when she offered us this couch (and a chair), we liked these better and sold the other set for $180, then used $100 of that to buy my dining room table and chairs.

So technically, I don’t think I’ve spent more than $100 furnishing and decorating the living room AND dining room, including the curtain rods.

So there you have it.  Not much to see cause it’s a small space, but it’s working for us for now.

And just so you don’t think my entire house looks this tidy, here’s a picture of the den, taken the same day.


I think this room might be done last because it takes a little more of an investment to buy a sectional with a hide-a-bed.  That’s also comfortable.  Unless I find a killer deal on one, of course.  I want an ivory shag rug for this room too.  Our TVs keep getting upgraded because people give us their old ones.  Maybe the next one will be a flat screen we can mount to the wall so we can lose the stand altogether.




House Tour — Second Floor

Remember, these are before pictures.  The upstairs looks so much different already!

Here’s the stairwell from the main floor.  Treads are painted lumber, risers are painted plywood.  Not sure why they are THAT colour.


Maybe to match the floor? (Just noticed that now)

These railings used to be nice.  Before the landlady’s cats used them for a scratching post.  The white marks all over them are wood filler.  We’re painting them!


The door on the left is the bathroom/laundry.  The door on the far right is the spare room, and the door on an angle in the middle is the kid’s room.  The rest is a huge “L” shaped room.


The wall on the right used to be blue.  I painted it the same yellow as the kid’s room.  Actually, the entire upstairs except the bathroom (it was recently renovated) will be that colour.


This is the big room, around the corner from the yellow wall.  There’s a closet (only one in the house) and the door to the deck.


Here’s the kid’s room.  I started painting in here and thought I’d made a terrible mistake with the paint colour because it looked REALLY bright.  I was thinking I’d have to add some white to the rest, but I covered the blue wall around the corner, and the yellow looked completely different.  And nice.  Whew.  The chimney goes through that chunk of wall sticking out.  It makes it very inconvenient for furniture placement, especially because the kids wanted to separate the bunk beds.  But they lived with that for a few weeks and were just recently convinced to stack them up again.  This time with Chad on top.  The beds don’t fit into either of the spaces beside the chimney, except sticking out to the right in the right one.


The spare room.  Two windows.  Lovely view.  Long and narrow.  Can’t wait to set it up.  Last on the list.  Unless someone comes to visit. 🙂


These floors are great!  The upstairs used to be a hayloft, but the tongue and groove planks were sanded down and clear-coated.  There are big cracks in some places, but I love how much character they have!


Looking back to the stairwell (which you’re not going to recognize later!).  The big room has lots of light from the 5 big windows on 3 sides.  Great view too.


I guess I’d better show you the view before we move on to the bathroom.  This is the deck spanning the width of the house.


This one is straight out the door.  Timber framing was done by a local company.


That’s the garden down there and the riding arena beyond that.  That’s our pasture on the left, all the way to the lake.


The carport roof is showing on the right, with the barn beyond that.  Our driveway goes between the barn and arena.


Now back inside.  This is what you see from the bathroom door.  They stayed with the house, so that’s what we’re using now.


From the laundry pair, you turn the corner and see the rest of the bathroom.


I lied. There is another closet.  Only this one just has shelves.  And not very efficient ones at that.  They will be replaced soon I hope.  But the tub is big and deep!


And that’s it for upstairs!  The far wall of the stairwell used to be blue, until they got tired of it and started painting it green.


I can hardly wait to show you what we’re doing to everything!  But I’ll have to wait cause we’re not done yet.

It hurts me more than it hurts you.