House Tour–Main Floor

I just remembered I haven’t shown you any photos of the log house we lived in.  Some other time.  I want to show you the inside of this house and the way it looked BEFORE we moved in and changed everything.  The landlady bought paint so we could give it a facelift, and we chose a soft white for the whole main floor, since we liked it basically the way it was.  Most of these pictures were taken after we painted the main floor.  At least, the den, kitchen and sitting area.

This is the only picture I have of the entry.  It used to be a stall, but someone framed it in and poured a concrete floor.  One wall is still rough sawn boards.  To the right of the bench is an alcove about 12×5 feet.  We use it for a pantry.  The entry is at ground level and you climb a few steps to the main level.



That’s Chad’s uniform, by the way.  All summer long.  Diaper (or undies), and maybe a shirt.  He has a great tan.

In the photo below, the door to the entry is just to the left of the stairs.  This was taken when we went to look at the place so it has the landlady’s stuff in it.  There’s a long, skinny “closet” to the right of the stairs, then the door to the right of that is a bathroom/utility room with the pressure tank and hot water tank.  Desperately needs help.


Looking down that short hall you see the back door leading to the covered deck spanning the entire back of the house.  It gets morning sun.


To the right of the back entry is the dining room with the world’s nastiest chandelier.  The window overlooks the back deck.  Sorry about the horrible photos.  This is a ploy to make the “after” photos look incredibly amazing.


This is the den, to the right of the dining room.  It used to be an office and it has built in cupboards and shelves to the ceiling on one wall.  It used to have an exterior door, which was simply sealed shut before running siding over the outside.  Not sure why.  The wall on the far side looks like it was added later cause it overlaps the edge of the window a teeny bit.  The horizontal window on the right looks into the chicken coop.  Yes, you heard that right.  There’s a 12×5 foot “room” you can access through the sliding barn door on the outside.  It was used as a tool storage shed, but it was an easy conversion to coop by adding a few nest boxes and a roost.


The den also has these great old oak floors that need a bit of refinishing one day.  This room was going to be our bedroom, and it’s where our bed went when we moved things inside, but we slept in there a couple of nights and decided to move it upstairs.  The two bedrooms upstairs are not big enough for a king size bed.  But you’ll have to wait and see where we put it.  Hee hee.


From the bottom of the stairs, this is the kitchen.  The den is on the left.  The kitchen is smallish (compared to the log house!), but charming.  Behind the wood stove is the range with a short counter beside it.  The sink is opposite the windows.


Speaking of windows…


They’re big!  This was once the viewing area for the indoor arena that was attached to it.  Apparently, the people who built the place took the arena with them and rebuilt it at their new place.  Now it has a covered carport attached to the front.  Big enough for 3 cars.  Here’s another interesting window.


This window looks from the kitchen into the real live stall in the front corner of the house.  It’s now the milking parlour.

Here’s another view of the kitchen.  That’s the dining room window on the left.  I put a big mirror over the sink and with the huge windows behind me, it’s like looking out the window when I’m standing at the sink.


This kitchen has proven challenging to organize.  In the log house, we had 4 big drawers instead of cabinets on the island, and after enjoying them, I’m not enjoying these cabinets.  Big and roomy, but so much wasted space and hard to access anything in the back half, and you still have to bend over to access stuff at the front.  After a month and moving a couple things around to better locations, it still feels disorganized and always seems to be messy.  No dishwasher might have something to do with that.  Ahem.  There’s lots of room for pots next to the stove, but I might end up hanging them instead.


Here’s a horrible picture of the last corner, the sitting area.  It’s not really big enough for your typical living room furniture.  The landlady had a couple of leather chairs facing the wood stove.  I’d like to do that too but with 3 chairs.  Only problem is, 3 leather chairs of the quality I’d like to make it worthwhile buying them is out of our current budget.  I’m not about to spend good money on chairs that are merely functional.  They’d better look good and be comfortable too.   I’ll show you what we’re doing in the meantime…in another post.  🙂  That white cabinet is an old (antique?) shelf that holds mason jars nicely.  We moved it to the pantry area in the entry.


That’s the main floor.  Next post: Upstairs!


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