We Moved 3 Times In 6 Months

So it went kinda like this.

Move #1

Left the mobile home and moved to the log home in March.  Spent 5.5 wonderful months there.

Move #2

Left log home and moved to a camper (thanks to some new friends!) in mid-August (cause that’s when we had to be out of the log home).  Put all our stuff in the barn at our new place and camped in the yard for 2 weeks until the landlady moved out.  Then camped an extra week to begin painting inside.  A blessing, really.  We haven’t been able to camp in the 2 years since we got a cow (Also a blessing to paint since she had 7 cats and 3 dogs).

Move #3

Left camper and moved into the house!  We brought our stuff over from the barn bit by bit using a dolly and the kids’ wagon.  We’re still moving stuff over.

I’m done with moving for a while now.  We have way too much stuff, yet I don’t know what I can get rid of.  The bulky things are tools and tool boxes, a wood stove, saddles, canning and food processing equipment, a kids carseat, a canoe and a dismantled plastic shed, to name a few.  When you add farm equipment to household goods, it adds at least 25% to the bulk.

Due to the unique characteristics of this house, we’ve moved a few things around already that didn’t work for us they way we thought they would.  I’ll get into some of that another time though.  The house is constantly changing before our eyes (and our hands, since we’re doing all the work), and it’s usually in a state of chaos with dishes piling up, toys scattered across the floor and painting supplies on every surface.  But it’s slowly coming into focus and we’re getting projects crossed off the list.  Darryl had 2 weeks off work cause his boss wanted a vacation, so we’ve been tackling as many projects as we can stand and we’ve made significant progress.

I’m excited to show you what we’ve done!  SOON!  There’s only a couple rooms that we can call done, even though I’m not done decorating them yet. I’m not unpacking any decor until the painting is done and the furniture arrangements are working for us.  So I have no pictures on the walls yet, except for a couple of mirrors and a stuffed pheasant.

And in case you’re wondering, we’re renting this place for at least a year and 8 months (hopefully more), and our landlady bought us all the paint and supplies we needed (except the dining room paint) and reduced our rent to help compensate us for painting her entire house.  She let us paint whatever colours we wanted and she’s going to let us build a wall upstairs when we decide we want another project (or more privacy in our bedroom–whichever comes first).



Our campsite.  The kids slept in the tent the whole time and loved it!



More about the house next time.


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