We Moved! Part 5

Sadie found a best friend less than a week after the move. She’s 3 and very articulate and energetic. Her parents are very nice and go to Luke and Steph’s church too. Chad is turning 3 on April 7th. We invited anyone with children to come out to the playground with us to celebrate. Four families showed up bearing gifts for a little boy they barely knew. It was windy and fairly cold, yet the playground was well populated with children. Only the die-hard people of our old city would dare to venture out in that sort of weather.

Five weeks after moving, the winter is finally giving up. Now that the acres of dirt outnumber the acres of snow, I am thoroughly convinced there was close to three feet of snow when we moved here. I’m so used to snow melting into water and running off whatever hill it’s on, turning driveways to mud and creating temporary ponds, it’s strange that the snow can literally disappear before my eyes without a trace. No runoff creating gullies and gathering in any low spot it can find. Snow that I swear was there this morning is gone this afternoon. I think it’s the wind. The ice sublimates and blows away with the wind, skipping the liquid stage altogether. Not completely though. There’s a little pond by the lagoon that will probably disappear once it truly warms up. Two ducks stopped there this morning.

All these moving posts were sent from the library because our house isn’t in cell range, and we haven’t gotten internet yet.  We’re limited to dialup or satellite, so we’ll probably get satellite next month.  Weekends are for catching up on emails when we come into town.  But I think the internet fast has been good for us.  I didn’t realize how much time I wasted online and how much useless information gets posted on facebook.  I’m almost cured of that major time waster.


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