We Moved! Part 4

There was only one thing I lost in the move, that I know of anyway. Sadie’s basket of socks and underwear and tights mysteriously disappeared and 3 pairs of her dress shoes were gone. We bought her another pair of dress shoes and some socks and undies after she had to wear her runners with her dress to church. Then last week, while organizing the linen closet a bit more, I found them! I don’t know how I missed them before. They were right in the book where I recorded all the box numbers and contents, but I must have kept skipping over that one. It was perfect timing too because her bathing suit was also in there and we took the kids swimming on the weekend.

Everything else was pretty easy to find using my system. I have a book where I record box numbers and a quick rundown of what’s in each one and what room it goes in. I wrote numbers on the top and all 4 sides of the boxes, then used coloured dot stickers on the top. I taped up matching, large coloured paper dots in the entry with the room names written on them so our wonderful helpers could see what room each box went in. It worked great! About 95% of the boxes ended up where they should. I had 131 boxes numbered in the book. Darryl numbered his tool and auto parts boxes starting at 500 so we knew they were his, but he didn’t record what was in his boxes. He didn’t have too many though.

Since we’re anticipating another move at the end of the summer, we kept the collapsed empty boxes (since this house is sooo much bigger and we have the space!) Soon (maybe today!) I will go through the book and cross off all the numbers of the empty boxes so I know what has been unpacked. The empty boxes need to be stacked nicely anyway. πŸ™‚

Speaking of moving again, we have a lead on a house with acreage and a barn that will be available to rent when we move out of here. Hmmm…coincidence? I think not. We haven’t seen it yet and don’t know much more about it except that it’s about halfway back towards town. We’d still prefer to stay out here because this area is GORGEOUS, so we’re going to try getting in touch with the owner of the piece of land we would love to buy just down the street from us with 3 mobile homes on it and a caretaker living in one of them. That would be an easy move. I could ride my horse over in 10 minutes. That place is 320 acres of mostly open hay fields, all fenced and cross-fenced, with a big shop, barns, corrals, sheds, etc. It was on the market last winter and my family considered buying it together. It looks even better in person, in the winter! Two people we talked to in the first week after we moved here said it’s a beautiful property. We can’t afford it on our own right now, though it is a great price, but we’ll see what happens.


One thought on “We Moved! Part 4”

  1. Can’t wait to see this beautiful part of the world! 3 more weeks of work for me and then more freedom and flexibility.

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