We Moved! Part 2

Why didn’t we move sooner? Because we didn’t feel released to go until now. We believe God has a plan, and we have to wait for His timing, not try to do things ourselves. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. By waiting for His timing and provision, we’ve been able to move to a house we always dreamed of living in and wasn’t even on the market, live in an absolutely gorgeous area near miles of riding trails, and Darryl was able to get a job in less than a week, and we have had complete peace about the whole thing.

Yes, we moved to a new town with no job lined up. Darryl wants to get a job at the mine driving a haul truck to start with. 4-5 days off at a time is rather appealing and would give him time to do things. Until he gets that job, he’s working for a construction company, currently putting new siding on a commercial building in town. Just before we moved, I happened to go to a friend’s birthday party during a really busy weekend and happened to be sitting across the table for a guy who happened to grow up in this town and still worked with companies all over the area and happened to give me his number so he could meet with Darryl and give him references to almost any company he wanted to work for. I knew Darryl wouldn’t have a hard time getting a job here. His current construction job is through someone my brother knows from church. It’s all in who you know right?

Something else cool happened before we moved. I’d been thinking about Moola’s calf we sold last winter and wondering how he was. This one saturday I happened to mention to Darryl that I wanted to see him before we moved, and that evening, his owner happened to text me and invite us to come see him. We did. She was training him to take a saddle and plans to teach him to pull too. Maybe we’ll see him in a parade one day. She named him Ruckus.



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