2013 Anniversary Photo

Hey.  I know, it’s been a while.

Just wanted to share our anniversary photo(s) with you!

I had 6 spots left on my camera, and trying to get everyone in the photo is tricky when you’re dealing with a cow not used to being led, a dog who is scared of the cow, and a chicken who would rather be anywhere else.  And then getting a 2 year old boy to look AT the camera when we’re behind him telling him to look at the camera.  Gets a little crazy.


The horses, especially the white one, were pretty dirty and their manes are full of burrs, so we were content to show their rear ends instead of their heads.  The cow was supposed to be standing in front of the garbage cans.  She’s not very cooperative though.  I’m holding a chicken in the photo above, but Kai didn’t make it into that photo.

He’s in this one though!  Grovelling at our feet trying to look as harmless to the cow as possible.  She’s eyeing him up for an attack.


I cropped the next one so the quality isn’t as good.  But it kind of reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting, with the dog wandering off (getting away from the cow as quickly as possible), Chad looking the wrong way, and Sadie looking frightfully bored with it all.


I probably could crop out the truck in the first two photos, since just that day Darryl was pulled over and told he’d have to get it fixed and inspected before he drove it again cause it’s been belching a lot of smoke lately.  It needs a new engine, but I think we’ll just try to get a different truck eventually.  One with 4 doors!

Only two months till we meet the next addition to our family!  Yay!


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