RIP Russell Crow

It’s a good thing I finally got around to taking a picture of Russell, cause this picture is all that’s left of him.


He was taken out by a coyote yesterday morning.

Darryl saw the mound of feathers and the coyote slinking away, but by the time he got back out there with his rifle, the coyote was gone.


The girls are all still here, but they’re staying close to the coop.

I already miss hearing Russell crow.  Hehe.

He was a great rooster.  He warned the girls of any possible predator, including ravens flying over the yard.  He never attacked the kids or us.  He was gorgeous, as far as roosters go.

He will not be easy to replace.

I don’t think we’ll try.

Rest in peace, Russell.


PS. If you’re reading this in your e-mail, click over to the actual blog once in a while.  I change up the headers every month.  This month is one of my favourites.  Check it out.


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