Last Week

We’ve been busy getting a few farm things accomplished.

The “fence” along one side of the chicken run was literally falling down.  There was a hole in the wire the chickens used several times a day to get in and out of the coop.  Not that that’s a problem.  We want them to free range and spread the cow pies out for us.  And eat less food from the store.  But if chickens can get out, dogs and kids can get in.

Plus it was a bit of an eyesore.

So bad, in fact, that I couldn’t take a picture.

Ok, not really.  I thought about it after we cut the old wire down.


We I dug new holes for 3 fence posts and we stretched some page wire between them.  We had a chain link gate behind the house forever so we used that instead of building a new one.  The roll of page wire was long enough to go down the side of the chicken run and along the pasture fence to the next corner, where I already have wire to keep hens out of the yard.  So the whole section behind the garden where the greenhouse is, is now almost completely fenced in, except for the short space between the coop and the garden.


Which is great because we might get a goat.

Yeah, the neighbours, who we had over for hot dogs the other night, actually eat goat meat (I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it either), and said they could get me one to raise for them (to eat).  Perfect.  I need the services of a goat to keep the shrubs in the pasture under control.  Actually, I’d probably need a hundred for that, but you have to start somewhere right?

Anyway, do you think a goat will climb this fence?

Don’t answer that.

We were given a trampoline and got that set up.  The kids love it.  Sadie already broke the rules (not going on there when one of us isn’t out there watching) enough that she doesn’t get to go on for a week.  Chad is enjoying it very much.


We found a dead chicken.


Kidding!  She’s just working on her tan.

Took some pictures of Kai.



Set up the hummingbird feeders.


And FINALLY got a decent picture of Russell.  He’s a great rooster.  Never attacks small children.  Or adults.


Last weekend was also busy but I didn’t get any pictures.

We got a couple round bales of hay, patronized a new food stand selling delicious chicken tacos, unloaded the hay and drove out to Peachland where Darryl knew of some sand dumped on the side of the road and we loaded up the back, then stopped at a creek to let the kids play in it and get all wet and sandy, then made a quick dinner and I left to go out (wahoo!) while Darryl took care of things around here.

Oh, and that morning I also started a project outside that I can’t wait to show you.  I think it’ll take a couple weeks though.

What have you been up to?


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