Mastitis Update

Today I’ve been encouraged that what we’re doing to help Moola is working.

After doing more research, I’m pretty sure I can rule out poop being the cause of her mastitis.  Not that there isn’t a lot of poop in her pen, but there’s something else that can cause mastitis besides that.  Like an abrupt change in feed.


We’ve been feeding her a grass/alfalfa mix hay because it’s nigh impossible to find pure alfalfa in this city, especially with all the hunter/jumper horses around.  They don’t eat straight alfalfa or they’d be uncontrollable.  The nearest source for alfalfa is usually a couple hours away, so we opted to switch her to grass/alfalfa mix shortly after she calved due to lack of time and gas money.  She’s been doing well on it.  But our goal was to switch her back to pure alfalfa as soon as we could find a decent source.

We bought a round bale of alfalfa a couple days ago and started feeding it to her the night before she got mastitis.  Half her old hay and half straight alfalfa.  I think that’s what happened.  She wasn’t used to that much protein.

Live and learn.

So I’m pretty sure it’s not a staph or e.coli infection.  Yay!  She hasn’t been that dirty lately either.

It’s only the second day and the first quarter that showed signs of mastitis is feeling almost back to normal.  The other side is a bit harder but I’m confident it will show signs of improvement soon.  It’s almost more like clogged milk ducts than mastitis.

Her front quarters are being milked 4 times a day, and after I massage the udder I’m alternating rubbing on castor oil and coconut oil with peppermint oil.

Darryl does the morning milking, so I milked again around 10am.  She gave me more milk from her front quarters than yesterday, so that’s another good sign.

The back quarters are still fine to drink since they’re not infected.  They’re producing the normal amount.  We milk them separately so we can keep the milk.  The milk from the front quarters goes to the chickens right now.

She sure loves all the extra attention.  I’ve been working on getting her cleaned up some more.  I trimmed her tail and brushed her legs.  She stood quietly the whole time and chewed her cud.

I showed Sadie how to milk today and she got a few squirts out.  Maybe when she’s 4 she can take over milking.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Today is a beautiful, lovely day and I’m typing this on my laptop outside in the sun.  The chickens are pecking at random specks in the dirt and the kids are playing nice in the sandpit.

And my house is a mess.

Today is a good day.


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