The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For

I know some of you have been dying to see my table.

Maybe not DYING, but hoping to see it.

So here it is.


I found it online maybe a day after I sold my couch set for $180.  This table was $100.

I’ve been looking for a table that expanded to seat 10 for at least a year, and didn’t always have the money when I did find one we both liked (which never happened).  But he liked this one too.

It came with 4 chairs like the one on the end, which I’m not crazy about and look like they don’t even fit with the table.  It also came with a bench made by the previous owners to accommodate their 6 kids.  It fits under the long side perfectly.  The chair seats are pretty scratched up from said kids, and because I like mismatched chairs, I only use the 2 nicest ones for now.

The table also came with 2 big leaves, expanding the table to seat 12 comfortably!  Yay!  We’ve used it quite a bit already.  It also works great for laying out patterns with plenty of room for the sewing machine.

It’s not in perfect shape.  But that’s what I wanted.


It’s got scratches all over it and dings along the edges.

It’s a veneer top with solid wood legs.

Lovely, carved legs.




When you look at it up close you can tell it’s not a fine piece of furniture, but that’s ok.

I wanted one I wouldn’t be afraid to paint one day.

I’ll give you a minute to rant and rave at me.



It’s not a priceless antique and it’s pretty beat up.  I can paint it if I want to.

I was reading through a library book the other day about prairie style decor (not the Frank Lloyd Wright kind, the romantic, country, shabby chic kind) and I found a table almost identical to mine.

Painted white.


I like it.  And he likes it.

Now I just have to get around to painting it.

I’ll wait till it’s warmer out.  It’s trying to snow a bit today.


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