We finally got to visit my little brother and his wife in Williams Lake over the weekend!  Last time we were there was a year and a half ago, when Chad was just a wee babe.

It was our last chance to go visiting for a while since Moola will be calving soon and we’ll be milking again (excited for fresh milk!).

The drive up was really foggy and it was dark cause we left at 4:30pm.  But we got there safe around 11pm.

During naptime the next day, Sadie found the gravol and ate 3, thinking they were candy.  Yikes.  I got Darryl to call the hospital and they said she should be fine since they were the chewable ginger ones.  Whew.  She was fine.  And not even sleepy either (they were also non-drowsy).

The next night after the kids were in bed, we were watching Ice Age 3 and laughing our faces off, and when the movie was over we found Sadie sitting on the floor around the corner just out of sight.  I’m not sure how long she was there, but I think she saw a lot of it.  Good thing she’s hard to impress or we would have heard her giggling and sent her back to bed.  Hee hee.

Luke and Steph have a cute little log house full of antlers, hides, leather, cast iron (note the extra large frying pan on the wall behind Luke that should be at my house), logs (not just for the walls), instruments, and handmade furniture.


Luke even built the antler lamps.


On the way home we took a detour to a farm in Grindrod to pick up a few bales of grass hay for Moola, since she was out and she still has a couple weeks left till baby comes.  SUCH a nice couple.  They showed us their baby calves and some of their younger steers.

We got home around 5:30 and made dinner, put the kids to bed, warmed up in the hot tub, and went to sleep early.

Sadie and Chad are such great travellers.  They watched one movie on the laptop on the way up and one on the way home, but that only covered about 1/5th of the time.  They sing little songs and play with their toys and stare out the window and sleep.

It’s almost a shame we don’t travel more.


All that travelling wore me out.


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