It’s Snowing In Here


I was about to start a blog post about something else entirely but when I scrolled through the photos, I found a couple I forgot to post earlier.  Like, before Christmas.

I know Christmas is over, but winter isn’t!

Or you can try this next year.

Or, if you hate it, you can try it never.


The whole idea is to make it look like it’s snowing.  I thought the skylight would be a fitting place for it.

I originally wanted to use invisible thread or fishing line, but I wasn’t sure they had enough roughness to keep the cotton balls in place, so I used regular thread.

There was a bag of nice organic cotton balls under the sink in my bathroom For.Ev.ER because I never use cotton balls, so I used them for this.  I pulled each one (I only used half the bag) apart into three pieces and rolled them up tight again in my hands.  I strung them all on short sections of thread and clipped them to a ribbon hanging over my dining room window until I was ready to hang them.

There are 6 ‘L’ brackets at the edges of the skylight that we use in summer to hold a fitted piece of heavy white plastic to block the sunlight.  I used the holes in those brackets to string fishing line randomly across the opening.  I hung the strings of cotton balls one by one.


I kinda like how it turned out.

And after all that, it’s staying up all winter.

And maybe into summer too, for when it gets really hot and I wish it was snowing.

Though it might not be so bad this summer cause Darryl brought home a free air conditioner the other day.

I {heart} free stuff.  But not junk.


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