A List


There’s so much to catch up on, I’m going to start with a list.

1. We have a lot of snow.  As of yesterday, this is what our yard looked like.


That’s the picnic table in the middle.


These branches are normally out of reach in the summer.


It’s up to your knees out there.


2. Yup, that’s my dad!  He’s doing travel nursing at our hospital for a month!  Apparently the brand new Emergency Unit is short on staff…like normal.

3. Darryl’s mom stayed with us over the holidays, all the way from Saskatchewan.  It’s so nice having a grandma around.  The kids warmed up to her right away.  Darryl and I have been on more dates in the last month than in the last 2 years combined!  We’re driving her down to the coast on the weekend and she’s taking the train home.  Fun!


4. There’s another snow fall warning for today, and it’s been snowing pretty steady all day today, so I think Darryl will be out plowing as soon as he gets home from work.  Speaking of plows, we almost bought one in the fall cause we knew we’d need one, but wouldn’t you know it, God had a better plan.  The new neighbours who moved in next door had one that fit on Darryl’s truck and were more than happy to let us use it, since it’s partly their driveway too.


My dad took these shots last night of Darryl plowing and I have no idea how he did it.  I love how they came out!



5. I don’t think I told you we were given a hot tub.  I love it!  We got it set up just over a month ago, before it snowed much.  It’s great sitting out under the stars with tall snowy trees all around and quiet…  The ultimate luxury on a small farm.  Except maybe a tractor with a heated cab.

6. We finally got Moola dried up before Christmas.  She’s due to calve about mid February.  We miss the milk.  And the butter.  And the ice cream (Darryl and I bought ourselves an ice cream maker for Christmas).  And the sour cream.  And the CREAM.  I got a few gallons of milk frozen and we still have some in the fridge that’s good for yogurt, but there’s nothing like fresh milk.  If you haven’t had it, there’s no way to explain how amazing it is.  We’d rather go without than buy sterilized milk now.  By the time she calves, we’ll be more than ready to start milking again.

7. If she has a heifer (girl), our present plan is to raise her to replace Moola, since she’s getting old.  If it’s a bull, we’ll probably grow him big enough to fill the deep freeze.

I will have more to show you soon, like my new (to me) dining room table, some painting projects, this (or last) year’s Christmas tree (which we torched outside), some fun events, and some crocheting.

In the meantime, what was your favourite 2012 holiday memory?

I think mine was going on a sleigh ride at night up at the ski hill.


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