Only The Beginning



Ok, I’m ready to show you my rearranged living room in it’s current state of not-finishedness.

I was kinda hoping I’d know what to put on the walls and where, but with Christmas right around the corner, this is about as done as it’s going to get for now.  At least before all the decorations go up.

I did have to move the bookshelves to make room for the new couch.

Here’s the before picture.

And now!

The new chair gets moved around quite a bit.  It started out at the other corner of the bookshelves in front of the floor lamp, but moved the the middle of the room for movie watching or just because.  It’s back by the bookshelf again right now.  That placement opens up the room a lot.

I use the little metal plant stand as a portable side table.  I got it from the neighbour’s garage sale for free.

Darryl’s Aunt gave us an old sewing table she found on he side of the road.  It’s been out on the porch for a while but I needed a side table.  It works well as a spot for the laptop.

I’m not finished with the top of the radio cabinet yet, but I’m showing you this because the tv used to be here.

I don’t know why it took me so long to finally measure the tv to see it if would fit in the bookshelves.  I thought about it many times.

It fits perfectly.

I had to move some books around and found a few I could get rid of.  The stereo used to take up a whole shelf, but now it’s in the radio cabinet.  Only about 2 books had to move to another location.  Not bad at all.

The vcr and dvd players fit together above the tv, and the sewing table hides the big, ugly, black sub and the receiver nicely.

So that’s my new living room, for now.

We like it.

I’ll show you a few Christmas decorations soon!


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