The Little Things

This is something I’ve thought about doing before, but was too lazy/unsure before to even try it.

I mean, aren’t books supposed to have an extra wrapper around them at all times?

What is a dust jacket for anyway?  It doesn’t keep dust off when they’re standing vertically.  If your hands are grubby when you handle the book, that’s your own fault, and if you grubby up the dust jacket and have to throw it out, that was the only chance you had to keep the book clean.

I’m not a fan of the (sometimes ragged) shiny dust jackets on books, so today I overcame my insecurities and took off all the covers I could find on my bookshelf.



I like them better this way.

I threw out the dust jackets.

I never read them anyway.  If I wanted to know about the author (or read the jackets, which I know I won’t) I could look them up on Amazon.

Just a simple thing, but it makes my bookshelf look that much more inviting.

And about yesterday’s big furniture swap…I got a little carried away and moved around a TON of stuff.  It doesn’t look like the same room!

But I’ll show you all that once I put the finishing touches in place.  Who am I kidding?  It will never be finished, but right now it’s still lacking a few things (like EDITING. Ha!).

Living room reveal coming soon!


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