Sewing Stuff

Been doing some sewing lately.

I made another Bapron for a friend’s baby (Bapron tutorial here).  The front is vinyl.

The back is this great fabric I found in the clearance section of Fabricland.

At first glance, it’s just a cool pattern, but when you look closely, it’s diaper pins!

On another recent trip to Fabricland (a store I detest, by the way, but it’s the only option in town), I found the same pin pattern in the clearance section in pink!  I bought a meter.

I also found a pre-printed panel that I recognized instantly because my mom made the exact same thing when I was younger.  It’s a nativity set.  It was $3 a panel.  I bought one.

Then Hannah went to buy one and had to pay $18 cause she looked in the wrong section.

Basically, you cut out the pieces, sew them together and put a piece of cardboard in the bottom, then stuff them and sew up the hole.

The kids love it.

I made a drawstring bag with flannel that glows in the dark.

I have another project or 2 in the works but I’m not finished yet.

Are you making anything right now?


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