Press and Paddles

Once I figured out how to make butter, I cranked out several pounds in a week with all the cream I had in the milk fridge.  Some went into pint jars and into the fridge to be used within a week or two, and others got wrapped up in plastic and frozen.  Not liking the yellow blobs of butter in plastic wrap, I took the time to dig out my butter press to see how well it worked.

I’m not totally sure how to use this thing, but it appears that after butter is pressed into it, you can use the plunger to push out the block of butter.

From previous experience trying to use the butter paddles to squeeze the water out of the butter, I knew that butter wouldn’t stick to the wood as long as it was soaked in cold water first.  But in this case, I was too lazy to soak the press.

I shoved wax paper into the press instead, thinking that I could just fold over the ends after I popped the butter out and it would be all wrapped up and ready for the freezer.

I needed an elastic to hold the wax paper on.

Packing the butter in was easy, except I could tell it wasn’t packed tightly into the bottom corners.

Yeah…that didn’t work so hot.

But whatever.  I wrapped it up and froze it anyway.

I’ve since been freezing the butter in plastic wrapped blobs again, just cause it’s easy.  I shape them a bit before they’re frozen so they more closely resemble a block of butter and fit better in my butter keeper.  It works just fine.

I may try using the butter press again sometime, soaking it in cold water first, but for now, I’m going with Easy.

I’ve found that, while practical in its day, some antiques have been replaced with better products (ok, a lot of them have).  Unless my perception comes from not knowing how to use the antiques properly, which is likely.  I couldn’t find anything on YouTube to show me how to use them though, so it’s not my fault.

I have no idea how to use butter paddles, and ended up taking close to half an hour to get the water squeezed out of the butter.  I ditched those and now use a silicon spatula in my mixer bowl.  It works much better, but I do think a shallow wooden bowl would work better than the mixing bowl, combined with the silicon spatula, of course.  Although a large wooden spoon works fairly well too.

So clearly I haven’t found the best solution yet.  I’ll keep trying, as I feel like it or the need arises.

Does anyone know how to use these contraptions??


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