6th Anniversary Photo!

As you may be aware, we take a photo every year around our anniversary (Sept. 23) just to show us in front of our house with our vehicle(s) and animals (Here’s #5, #4, and #3).

This year, we were a couple weeks late, but that’s cause we decided to clean out the shed the weekend of our anniversary so the whole front area was covered with piles of random stuff for 2 weeks before we found time to finish building new saddle racks and shelves in the shed and hauling most of the stuff back in.  Oh, and Darryl also sheeted most of the walls in the shed in an attempt to reduce the mouse problem.

Anyway, we finally got the yard cleaned up just in time for my seester Hannah to come over to take our photo.

So here it is.

Part of the fun of this photo is figuring out how to get all the animals in it.  We didn’t.  And I’ll tell you why.

(Deep breath) Darryl had the rooster under one arm and grabbed the cat with the other arm, but the rooster didn’t like being so close to the cat and started squawking, which made the cat hiss and try to run away.  Darryl grabbed the cat’s foot and Kai thought this looked like fun so he tried to get the cat while the rooster kept squawking and the cat hissing.  There was no making peace between them all so Darryl let go of the cat, who streaked away, and then for some reason Kai DID NOT want to come anywhere near the cow (maybe because she gives him the stare-down and threatens to run him over if he gets anywhere near her).  So he was cowering over by Hannah while she took the pictures.

At least we got the rooster in the picture.

Oh, and to add to the chaos, Sadie was scared from the rooster squawking and was crying the whole time.

Moola and the horses were pretty cooperative.

And, yes, I was laughing most of the time.  That’s how I deal with chaos.

Thanks Hannah!


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