I Picked A Peck Of Prune Plums

Not really sure how big a peck is, but there were lots of plums.

I made jam.

Twice.  Actually, twice for both batches.  But you know me.  I like to do things the hard way.

I cooked the halved plums till they were a little softer, then ran ’em all through the victorio strainer to get rid of the skins.  Back in the pot, pectin added, boiled, sugar added, bottled (then boiled and more pectin added and bottled again).  Times 2.


And pretty.

Except that wasn’t even half of 1 batch.

Try this picture.

Yeah, and then I did it again, so I have another 7 QUARTS of plum jam.

And it’s delicious.  Ask Darryl.

He ate over half a jar with a spoon before he knew what happened.

For the plum jam (as opposed to the peach jam I made earlier), I found pectin at the bulk food store that doesn’t require sugar to set.  I only added about 6 cups of sugar to the entire batch (7+ quarts).  Just sweet enough to combat the tartness.  AND the pectin was cheaper than using the boxes of pectin from a regular store.

I still had plums left over, so I dried them in the dehydrator.  I have 3 1/2 quarts of those too!  And that’s after Darryl (ok, me too) ate a pint.

Now that I have my jam stash for the next 6 years, I have 2 boxes of apples to dry and freeze, and a large (lovely) enamel washbasin full of ripe tomatoes to do something with.  I think I’ll just chop them up and freeze them.

What do you do with your tomatoes?


2 thoughts on “I Picked A Peck Of Prune Plums”

  1. I haven’t used pectin for years. If it’s a low-pectin fruit, I just throw in an unripe apple or if the jam is dark in colour, a handful of currants will do the trick. This year I made peach, pear and raspberry jams without even having to do that.

    Tomatoes: Generally I can them all with just a bit of lemon juice. That way I can season them when I use them. This year I got frustrated with a couple of broken jars in the water bath, and just froze them. I know it’s much easier to freeze them, but I prefer to cook with the pre-peeled jars that don’t need defrosting.

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