DIY Books

This project happened out of necessity.  Sadie would often come out of her room after her nap with marker all over her fingernails, legs, arms, and of course, a moustache.  All because she had no paper.

At least, that’s what I told myself the problem was.

It kind of makes sense.

So I made her some books to draw in.  Easiest thing ever.  One sheet of bright cardstock, 4 sheets of plain white paper (though you could use any paper you want), one straight stitch with the sewing machine.  Done.

I made 5 of them in about 10 minutes.  She loves them.

She drew this before I even got the last one finished.

Don’t you love the red fingernails??

And I think the books work.  She comes out with a moustache only half as often as before!



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