Seasons Change

September has been gorgeous up here in the woods.  We haven’t even had a frost yet.  The days feel like summer, except for cool breezes so it’s not insanely hot.  Nights get down to around 6 degrees.  If I put a light jacket over my sweatshirt when I go to do the morning milking, I need to take it off before I’m finished.

Everything’s looking a little ratty though.  We haven’t had any rain worth mentioning since sometime back in June?  The pastures haven’t recovered from the last grazing in early July.  Except for the alfalfa.  It does pretty good when it’s dry and hot.  Most of the grass is dead though.

It’s almost dark by 7:00 now.  Can’t stay up till 9 working on projects anymore (darn).  We use a lantern during evening milking, which, I must say, is quite pleasant.

I’m actually grateful for the shorter (and cooler!) days. It means I don’t feel guilty about not staying out late working on something. It means I can slow down the outside projects, which is perfect because I’m pretty much out of motivation to work on them anyway. There’s always next year.

I don’t think I could live somewhere that had summer (or warm weather) all year round.  There’s no break from all the outside work.  There’s no break in the gardening (at least there doesn’t have to be, so I’d feel compelled to keep going).  There’s no forced hibernation when all the projects that need to be done are buried in 2 feet of snow.  I need the rest.

I’ve been making comforting meals again now that I can cook in my kitchen without cooking me out of it.  I’m collecting inspiration for projects I’d like to work on over the next few months.  I’m almost ready to pack up the garden for the winter (just waiting on the tomatoes).  I’ve got my year’s supply of jam, and then some!  I’m stocking my pantry with staples and making extra butter to freeze for when Moola dries up.  I’m drying plums and apples.  I’m getting rid of stuff I don’t love or need.  I’m organizing parts of my house a little better.  Bringing bits of nature inside to enjoy.

I know it’s gorgeous outside, but I barely go outside these days. I’m loving just sitting under a blanket reading.  When I have a chance, that is.  All the preserving is also keeping me in the house a lot of the time.

Quite frankly, I’m looking forward to winter.



One thought on “Seasons Change”

  1. Sounds awesome. I can’t wait for that down time in winter, too. I’ll probably be able to spend a lot more time baking again!

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