Daily Reading

In honour of getting my house (almost) cleaned up from a very messy week, I’m going to share with you my favourite blogs.  I read these almost daily, and from them derive much enjoyment, entertainment and inspiration.  Maybe you’ll like one (or more) of them too!

The Pioneer Woman (of course!)


Better After

The Prairie Homestead

The Healthy Home Economist

A Slob Comes Clean


These ones are also read often, but not daily, either because they don’t post daily, or I don’t have time to check them amidst the continual cleaning going on around here.

Down To Earth

Small Notebook

Throwback at Trapper Creek (grass farming!)

Thrifty Decor Chick

The Inspired Room

Keeper of the Home


Let me know if any of these blogs make it to your frequently-visited-blogs list!

What are your favourites??



2 thoughts on “Daily Reading”

  1. I read the Prairie Homestead and the Healthy Home Economist from your list, and I also read Stacy Makes Cents. I peruse other things here and there that I come across, and I’m really amazed how many of the bloggers out there are influenced by Weston Price.

    1. No kidding! I started reading the Weston A. Price website before I ever heard about it elsewhere, and I finally read his book this year (Nutrition and Physical Degeneration–highly recommended). I’m not even close to eating a traditional diet, but I’m slowly working it in as I can (or feel like it). We still eat sugar and flour, but a lot less than we used to.

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