Fair Time!

We attended the fair again this year, of course, only this time I took pictures. A few anyway.

We finally left the house at 8:30. A whole hour later than I was hoping for, but whatever. Sadie promptly fell asleep less than 5 minutes from home.

After a couple more delays (Sadie complaining about her back hurting so we took out the car seat and disassembled and readjusted it, and she threw up, then we stopped again about 15 minutes from the fairgrounds cause her back was hurting again. What is it with car seats? They are NOT made with good back support, even the expensive ones!)

Once we got to the fair (we didn’t have to wait in line cause we bought tickets in town before the fair started) we met up with some friends and looked at a bunch of crafty things like lego bees and salt block sculptures, then wandered through the poultry barn on our way to find Darryl a new hat, and ran into friends from high school and saw some chickens.

The good…

The bad…

And the ugly…

And the downright EVIL.

Remind me not to ever get guineas.

They had something new at the fair this year.

Camel rides!  I should have ridden on one cause next year I’ll probably be 8 months pregnant (if all goes according to plan). I had to get a picture of this cute old couple going for a ride on the camel.

We watched a few driving classes while we ate lunch. Sadie picked a blue hat over a pink one.

Sadie played in a big bouncy house before we watched a trials bike demo.

Then while Darryl and the kids watched the lumberjack show (it’s the same every year so I don’t feel the need to see it again), I was just in time to catch my favourite light horse class. I don’t even know what it’s called. It starts out as a western walk/trot/canter class, then they line up in the middle of the arena and their “grooms” run in and they have 5 minutes to switch everything to english. Saddles, bridles, boots, helmets…the whole works. Then the grooms take all the western stuff out and the horse and rider do the same thing…walk/trot/canter. This picture was taken during the switchover. The paint on the right won the class.

A few hours past nap time, it was time to watch the miniature chuck wagon races. Chad had some quiet time laying across our laps.

After that we got our boots polished and bought some more polish cause ours ran out almost 2 years ago. Then we wandered through the cow barn and got talking to an ex-dairy farmer who was showing his ex-cows. So sad. We meet a lot of older farmers who don’t have kids who want to take over and they end up having to sell everything they’ve built over the years. But we got some good tips from him and he introduced us to a lowline cattle breeder who offered to AI our cow if we couldn’t find anyone else. Only trouble is, we’d have to ship her out almost 2 hours from here and she’d be milking at the time, and she’d be bred to to lowline bull. Not sure if that’s what we want to do at this point, but it was nice of him to offer. We would definitely look into lowline cattle when we’re ready to start a beef herd though.

We stopped to pet a goat on the way back to the truck. Darryl said he was okay with getting a saanen cause they don’t have bulgy eyes that stick out of their heads.

We wrote our phone number on the kid’s arms in case they got separated from us. We overheard lots of people commenting on that idea. I think I got it from Pinterest. Where else do all the great ideas come from??

We stopped for some junk food on the way out of town.

We left by 6:30 cause we had to get home to milk Moola.

‘Twas a good day.

I didn’t get a picture of Darryl’s new hat though. I’ll try to get one on here soon.


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