Quick Update

Hey, sorry about the absence. I’m afraid it will continue for a bit longer until our computer is fixed.
But I’ll give you an update of where we’re at.
We bought a cow! 9 years old, jersey, currently milking about 20 liters a day. We are quickly learning how to milk faster and what works best for dealing with all the milk. It’s great to be able to drink as much as we want. We drink about half a gallon a day right now. The free milk fridge we picked up is filling quickly. It probably helps that I’ve accidentally frozen at least 18 liters…frees up more space.


Her name is Moola.


This morning I found a hen in the yard (nothing unusual) and she had a chick with her! I put them in the rabbit cage in the shade so the others wouldn’t bother them.


Kids are doing well. Chad is finally using signs and seems really close to talking. Sadie has been potty trained for a couple months now. Sooo nice!
I’m doing some drawing on the side and keeping busy with the farm.
Darryl likes his job and takes his turn milking everyday too.
We have about 10 Saturday’s left before winter, and the projects that need doing by then are finishing the addition (ha!), reinforcing some fences, fixing the car to sell, and Darryl is hoping to build a woodshed.
Wish us luck!
Or better yet, come help us out when you can!



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