White Trash to Middle Class-we’re back!

Alright, some progress to show you! The 2 weeks before Sadie’s birthday saw a few things get done. One of which was the new front steps! First the landing was covered with 2×4’s (no shortage of those here).


The stringers were installed on a new patio block footing.


The steps were finally screwed down after dark. It took all day.


Much easier to see in daylight.


Then the skirting was finished beside the stairs.



Now for the railings.
And this is the insulation all finished on the inside.


And the room all cleaned up. I couldn’t wait to get all the styrofoam dust cleaned up!


I hope to be able to show you more soon. Some rafters have to get beefed up and the woodstove area roughed in and the ceiling dropped a couple inches and a closet framed, and then the floor and ceiling insulated, and then we can start poly and drywall! I’m super excited for that stage! I will be in there painting before the dust settles!


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