Anti-Chicken Fence

I’m sure you can remember me whining about chickens eating anything I plant and not being able to grow anything in my yard.
Well, I did whine.
This year though, I did something about it. I built a fence.
I measured between the garden and about roughly where I wanted a gate, and 3 8-foot panels worked perfectly. I used 2 2×4’s for each panel, and some old siding for the ‘pickets’. I eyeballed everything and used a little wooden stake to space the pickets out evenly, then screwed them all down with screws taken out while redoing the addition on the house.


After the first panel was done (in an hour before dark) I laid the next set of 2×4’s over top of the first ones and realized the first panel was a little wonky. Oops. I adjusted the 2×4’s for the second panel and kept going. I tried to use the best parts of the siding, so they stuck out randomly on both sides. Once I was done the 3 panels, Darryl cut the bottoms even.



Here’s the first hole being dug for the fence posts.


First post in! I made them removable by fitting the post into a PVC pipe sleeve, and burying that in the ground. That way, we can screw the panels off and pull out the posts for winter and have the room to push snow up into the yard if we need to.


Three posts in.


I leaned one panel up just for fun until I got back to it the next weekend.


Darryl helped screw them on.


Then gave the tops a trim so they were even.


And, it’s done!


Darryl even corrected the wonky part on the first panel.
It’s actually not done cause I still have to build a gate and another panel to connect the gate to the house railing whenever it gets done. The gate posts are both permanent. I also want to extend the pickets down the end of the garden to make one long continuous fence.
I still have to cut the tops of the posts flush with the fence too. I was going to leave the gate posts long and build a little trellis over it but I realized it’s right in the middle of the living room window on the addition and about 8 feet away and I think it would interfere with the view too much, so I’m going to chop all the posts short. I just need a way to make the gate stand out a bit without being too drastically different from the fence. So far, I’m thinking of an arch on top of the gate.
Until the gate and the last panel are finished, I have a roll of wire fencing to block chickens out of the yard from that spot. Sometimes 1 or 2 of them finds a way into the yard under the house (the skirting on both ends isn’t done yet) or around the bottom of the yard (still have to put up more page wire along the back of the yard), but they haven’t bothered any of the plants I’ve put out so far.
It’s working!


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