My Weekend

I’ve been looking online for a patio umbrella for at least a couple of months. It was worth the wait cause I found one in a perfect shade of green and it’s not too big for my table and it was the right price.


New umbrellas are at least $39 on sale for the bottom-of-the-line model, and metal stands are at least the same price.
The umbrella I got was almost new (their glass tabletop broke so they bought a new set). The metal stand was $40 when they bought it. I got both for $25!
Now that I have the umbrella, I can keep an eye out for coordinating fabric to recover the cushions, cause there’s no way I’m spending upwards of $100 for new ones even if I can find a pattern I like.
I also went garage saleing. I took Sadie with me this time and we had a blast. I found a heatlamp for brooding chicks with the halogen bulb in it. If the light still works the $5 I spent on it will be a really good deal!
At another sale, I bought a 4 liter glass jar and this antique rolling pin for $1.50.
I made it all the way to the highway before I turned around and drove back for these antique chairs.
Three of them for $2 each! Couldn’t pass them up. It was one of those things I would regret not buying, and for $6 I had to take them home.
We also stopped at the library for more books, and Walmart (don’t judge) for new sketch books for me and Sadie, a hole punch and a pencil sharpener.
That was all on saturday.
On sunday afternoon, we trimmed 4 front horse feet.
It was actually warm out when we did the trimming! Darryl used the nippers and I did the rasping. It went really well cause their feet were soft from all the rain we’ve had.
Then we had friends over for pizza, so I made the crust and sauce after the trimming was done.
That was my weekend. Now it’s monday and it’s raining again.


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