Building A Bean Teepee

Ever since I saw a picture of a bean teepee, I’ve wanted to build one. I think that was several years ago. This year, I finally felt like I could spend the time and effort on it, and with the yard almost fenced off now, there is little danger of the chickens devouring tender seedlings.
So I built one!
I started by digging a trench in a circle (just eyeballed it) about 10 inches deep, leaving a section for the opening.
Then I cut some thin poles from the woods behind our house, mostly fallen dead stuff. I tied 3 together with fishing line and stood them up in the trench.


Sadie couldn’t wait to start playing in it.
After another couple of trips to the woods during naptime for more poles, I propped them around the other 3, evenly spacing them at the bottom, then tied them all together again at the top with fishing line.
I brought up a load of composted horse manure and filled in the trench, just cause I had lots and the soil there is pretty sandy and rocky.


I started pushing the dirt back over the compost, but since I was using the manure fork with lots of tines about 3/4 of an inch apart, I ended up sifting out all the rocks bigger than 3/4 of an inch and got half a wheelbarrow full.



The beans were all up in the greenhouse waiting to go out.


They were planted around the base of the teepee.


They don’t look very big, but by the end of the summer, they should have mostly covered the poles. I planted Blue Lake Pole Beans, 2 at each pole. There are also 5 butternut squash plants around the base. They were started from seed collected from a squash I bought last year. They should spread out and cover the ground around the teepee.
I can see it all in my head and it looks great. Hopefully the picture in my head will match the one I take at the end of the season.
While I was in business building the teepee, I figured I might as well build some more (I have lots more beans), so I built little ones in 2 planters in the yard. 2 bean plants at each pole and nasturtium between them.


What can I say? I like landscaping with edible plants.
I have one more planter to set up, but it’s full of rhubarb and I have to dig a trench in very hard ground and bring up some more compost to put in it before I can move the rhubarb. I will have to do it soon though, cause I’m also going to plant 3 spaghetti squash seedlings in the trench with the rhubarb cause there’s no room anywhere else, and I can’t plant it next to any other squashes or they’ll cross pollinate and make some wierd new breed.
A couple varieties of heritage beans actually sprouted this year too, so I planted them in 2 different areas of the garden. If I get any beans off them, I’ll save them for seed next year and maybe one day I’ll have enough beans that I won’t have to buy the dried ones anymore.
I’ll try to show you the rest of my garden soon!


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