Happy Birthday Sadie!

Sadie turned 3 last week!  She’s growing so fast.  I love it!  She gets more and more fun all the time.

I started asking what kind of birthday party she wanted a couple months ahead of time.  First she wanted a dog party, then a book party, then finally she settled on a bug party.

So she had a bug party.

There were bug antennae for everyone.

Jars for collecting bugs.

Several large ants crawling around the yard.

It was windy out so I had to tape them down really well.

And, of course, our Birthday Bug.

She’s helping make the (not-quite-healthy) chocolate cream cheese butter frosting for her (healthy) chocolate strawberry birthday cake.

I’m serious about the healthy chocolate cake.  I came out amazingly flavourful and moist!  I found the recipe here.

I did put strawberry jam in the middle, so that added to the sugar in the frosting, but that was before I found out about xylitol, which apparently can be ground into a fine powder and substituted for icing sugar.  I would have put sliced strawberries and more frosting in the middle and made the entire cake healthy had I known that.  In case you’re wondering what makes this cake healthy, it has half whole wheat and half white flour, soaked in soured (unpasteurized) milk (buttermilk would probably work fine too) for 8 hours, coconut oil, and succanat (dehydrated sugar cane juice).

The wind made it challenging to keep the candles lit too.

And then she was under way too much pressure to blow them out and Daddy had to do the honours.

But everyone enjoyed the cake.

This is her excited goofy face.

Some other guests…

And another one!

Bugs everywhere!

And one more bug!

Ok, last one, I promise!

My apologies for getting this post out so late.  This computer is having hard drive issues and it’s so slow right now that it’s taken me almost a week to write this and put a few pictures on.  That is also why I haven’t written much lately.  I’m very grateful to have a phone that I can check my e-mail on and browse the internet on when necessary.  I use it to look up recipes too.  I can post stuff on here from my phone but I can only add pictures that are on my phone.  I’ll try to do that more.  Until we can get this laptop fixed anyway.




3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sadie!”

  1. Looks like it was a great party! The cake looks pretty good, too! Have you switched completely to using sucanat? How are you liking it?

    1. We don’t use succanat exclusively cause It’s fairly expensive (i guess we still use too muchsugar) but we like it for baking. We haven’t tried it for other stuff yet.

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