Instagram Hay Hauling

On our way to get some hay.  It was 8:00 in the morning.  That info is significant because the kids are usually still in bed (not necessarily sleeping) at that time.

We borrowed a flatdeck trailer so we could get 2 bales.

Then picked up Russell from another little farm on the way back (he was free, by the way).

Darryl had no trouble rolling the last bale we bought off the truck and into place.  These ones seemed a lot heavier.  We both managed to push the first one off, but the second one took a little persuasion in the form of tie down straps and a nearby tree.

We still love getting hay though!  Darryl drove right through downtown on the way home, just so the city people could get a taste of some culture.  We were hoping Russell would crow but he was hunkered down in the back and focused on staying upright.  Oh well.


2 thoughts on “Instagram Hay Hauling”

    1. There isn’t enough grass for 2 horses for the whole summer. I rotate them in small areas using the electric fence (not always hooked up) and give them hay if there’s no time to set up a new area for them or if we’re going to be away most of the day or if there’s no new areas that haven’t been grazed in the last month. They still have quite a few areas left to graze before they run out, but it’s nice to have hay as a backup. We’re also starting to stockpile it for winter, so if we can get an extra bale once in a while, we’ll be ahead of the game. I actually had to put them on the first area they grazed a couple days ago because the grass was going to seed, and it had been a month since they were on it already, but that was the most fertile spot on the property. They got 2 days grazing out of that one (half one day and half the next). Right now everything’s growing like crazy, but it’ll slow down when it gets hot out and we’ll have to feed hay more often to let the grass catch up.

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