Farmgirl Fashion

Now that Sadie is dextrous enough to dress herself, I usually let her pick her own outfits.  Some are rather interesting, some have pieces worn wrong, but for the most part, they’re all very creative and actually look pretty cute.

There are times when I do veto her choices, like when she wants to wear pyjamas or spaghetti strapped dresses outside on a cold, rainy day, or wants to wear her good shoes outside to play (she has farm shoes for that purpose).  I also give her suggestions when she’s frustrated because she can’t find anything in her drawers (that would be because all her clean clothes are strewn about her bedroom floor and the just-washed clothes are in the laundry basket.  She hates looking in the laundry basket and usually quits as soon as she sees it).  I help her pick out outfits for church sometimes, but she usually does pretty good.  I might only suggest a jacket or sweater or accessories.

I try to let her be creative with her dressing and if it’s not terrible or embarrassing I let it go.  That doesn’t happen too often though.  It also helps that I keep her wardrobe small, with one drawer for tops and one for bottoms, including pyjamas.  The tops drawer has sweaters, long sleeves, t-shirts, tank tops and pj tops, while the bottom drawer has pants, leggings, shorts, shirts and pj bottoms.  If she starts getting so many clothes that they don’t all fit, I get rid of my least favourite, or the ones she doesn’t wear much.  It’s pretty easy for her to mix and match cause most things seem to go together pretty well (notice I said MOST).

When I get her up in the morning (I taught her to stay in her room until I come get her), she’s often dressed in a combination of items I would never have thought to put together, but they work on her.  It’s fun seeing the outfits she comes up with.

I’ve been snapping photos of her outfit choices on and off since I got my new phone, and I’m going to compile them all here for your enjoyment.

I think I helped her a little on this outfit by suggesting the jacket.  She wanted the necklace, which is actually a t-shirt necklace I made.  She wears it a lot.

I wasn’t too crazy about this one, but we didn’t have to go anywhere, and she actually was rather coordinated without looking like she was trying too hard.

She chose this outfit to wear to a friend’s house and donned the hat when she got there, and wouldn’t put the kitten down.

The jacket didn’t really work here, but the rest of it wasn’t too bad (there were pink flowers on the pants).  We were only outside to do some chores anyway.

Hee hee.  Red skirt, hot pink leggings, top with pink and red stars, red boots…it kinda works.  She let me put a pony tail in her hair.  That doesn’t happen every day, or every week.

This was after her nap the same day.  Different shirt, add a necklace and a scarf.  Lose the pony.

I think this one is my favourite.  The sparkly shoes complete the look.

Sparkly shoes on backwards.  I only let her wear them outside because they were pretty much too small anyway, and she got new ones.

This was the same day as the previous photo, only she added a sweater and a red skirt.

I have no words.

She did up the buttons herself.  And that’s an apron she’s wearing as a necklace. (I’ll show you the finished playground soon!)

And then there’s this outfit from the previous post.

This is what she wore to her cousin’s firetruck birthday party.

And finally, a sporty little number for doin’ chores.

She cracks me up.


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