I have a good reason for my infrequent posts lately.  I’ve been pushing a wheelbarrow any chance I can get!  There’s still a thousand loads of poop in the horse pen, but I’m almost done the biggest section.  I try to haul at least one load a day, but I can usually haul 2, and sometimes 5 or 6 more during nap time.
I’ve also been hauling composted manure to wherever I feel like spreading it at the time (usually a function of muscle fatigue, weight of the load and distance to be hauled).  A few loads of old loose hay made it to the other compost pile and a full yard of sand made it to the sand pit last week, and several loads of wood chips made it to the chicken run.  Hopefully I can get that finished today.
But I just bought plants, so it might have to wait.


I have another pickup load of wood chips to spread in the playground, and then it’ll be done!  And then I’ll show you a picture.  I do need to finish that today cause some little friends are coming over tomorrow.
So that has been my life lately and there’s no end in sight. You should see my muscles! I’m really liking not having to pay to workout in a gym full of strangers and have nothing to show for it. I get a workout and I can see what I’ve accomplished everyday and track my progress with more than just a scale.  And my only audience is the horses, dog and birds.  Did I mention it’s free?
Alright, time to haul some more poop!


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