Weekend Haul

I went garage saleing last weekend.  Definitely one of my favourite things to do, maybe because I only find time to go 2-3 times a year.  I usually go with a list in my head of things to look for, and this time was no different.  We need a pitchfork, preferably an older one cause the new ones are junk and expensive and don’t last very long.  I need fishing line cause I lost mine and I want to make some wind chimes.  I was kinda hoping for some electric fencing as well, but I knew that was a long shot.

Or not.  The first place I stopped had a milk separator, milk strainer, a pasteurizer, and a brand new roll of electric fencing!  I got the fencing and the strainer (cause I couldn’t remember if we had one or not and Darryl couldn’t see what I was describing in our storage area) for $15.  The fencing alone is worth $35.

At other sales, I found the fishing line for next to nothing and a few un-needed things (oops).

Driving back home, there was a new sign up for a fire sale, whatever that was.  It sounded interesting, so we checked it out.  A house that burned down a month or two ago was selling miscellaneous stuff in the backyard, like BBQ’s, scrap metal, tools…LOTS of stuff, and…


They said to make an offer for the whole lot.  I went home and talked to Darryl, and he went back to have a look.

He got the whole lot for $25!  He left the nasty parts and just took the decent-looking stuff.  They need cleaning, but they seem like pretty decent quality.  Only one super has frames, but it’s a start.

Afterwards, on the way home from town again with the kids way past nap time but doing ok, I stopped in at Buckerfield’s to check out their electric fence options, and ended up buying everything I needed cause this fence charger was way less than I was expecting to pay for a good quality charger ($110).

I also got 12 step-in posts and a grounding rod (and a gate handle).

The posts have a sharp point on the bottom and a spot to step on to get them in the ground.

All the way up the side, they have slots for electric fencing for whatever height you want to put it.

I already have the posts set up in the pasture, but the grass isn’t quite ready to graze yet.  I gave the horses a fairly large area cause it’s been a while since they were around electric fence and I’m sure at least one of them will get a good zap and take off.  Hmmm, maybe I should make it bigger still.

Pastures are looking good though!

Oh, and we did have a milk strainer already.


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