Hay Trip

We like to take mini road trips.  Like half a day or most of a day and drive somewhere just for the heck of it.  One of our favourite drives is out past Vernon towards Cherryville.  There are so many farms and interesting houses.

The last time we went there, we had an actual purpose.

To bring home hay.

We love getting hay.

We’ve met some interesting people that way too.

The place we got hay from this time was close to Lumby and I remember driving by another year and seeing a newly-born calf in the corral.  On this trip it was too late to see calves being born, but there were still plenty of calves.

The bale was 1000lbs.

We saw a little ermine or something by a bridge over the creek.  It would poke its nose out then stand its long skinny body on its back legs and look at us, then disappear in a flash and show up again with a large dead mouse in its mouth.  He played hide and seek with us for 15 minutes.  It was cute, but I didn’t get a picture because by the time I went back to the truck for my camera, it found a hiding place and we didn’t see it again, of course.



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