Wood Chips

I watch a video online a few weeks ago (Back to Eden) about covering your garden with wood chips to help conserve moisture, provide nutrients, protect the soil, and actually improve the soil over time, all without tilling or digging.

Since then I’ve been on the lookout for free wood chips.

When I woke up last week I could hear chainsaws coming from next door (a common occurrence around here.  Lawnmowers, not so much).  When I went outside to feed the horses, I heard what sounded like a chipper!  I threw some hay to the horses and pushed the stroller down the driveway and up the street where there were 2 guys chipping trees from the side of the road.

I asked if they needed somewhere to dump the chips.  They said yes.  I offered my yard.

And that is why I have several large piles of wood chips sitting in my driveway.  Ask and ye shall receive.

My plan is to spread them anywhere there’s bare dirt, especially in the chicken run and the horse pen (after I get most of the manure out).  I’ll cover the garden beds with about 6 inches, and the rest will be used in landscaping.

I’m GOING to fence the yard this year to keep chickens out (and children in) so I can plant flowers and edibles in the yard as well as the garden.  Yeah, my garden is getting too small.  I also want to build a bean teepee.

I haven’t moved any wood chips yet, but I’ve started the process of getting areas ready for it.  I try to take as many wheelbarrows full of manure out of the horse pen every day as I feel like doing, or as the kids allow, and I cut all the prickly bushes out of the chicken run.

ONE DAY, I’ll get all the wood chips moved to where they need to go.

But don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for anything.  Unless it was a ranch (just as much work, if not more!).

I’m off to go shovel something.  Ok, not yet.  I’m going garage saleing first!



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