The Chair

When Sadie was a little baby and couldn’t even walk yet, I found a little chair for sale at the thrift store for $2 and snagged it.  It wasn’t pretty.

The vinyl covers weren’t put on very well and there were a few little stickers stuck to it, but Sadie didn’t mind.  She used it all summer, and the next, on the porch.  She pushed it over to the bin where the chicks lived and climbed up to see them.

My plan all along, as soon as I laid eyes on that chair, was to recover it.  Initially, I wanted red sparkly vinyl, but Fabricland didn’t have any (no surprise there), but I did find another really cute fabric on sale for cheap and bought the last meter of it, thinking that I could use it for the chair or for anything else!

Some time later, I got around to taking off the old vinyl, only to find some nasty wood underneath, so it sat around some more until I remembered to pester Darryl into cutting some new pieces for me.  He did.  About a month ago.

Then the mood struck me at a strange time.  After a full morning of making soap at my house with a few friends.  When Sadie got up from her nap, I got everything out and started.

I vandalized a couple of extra seat cushions I had waiting around just for this project.  The holes didn’t make any difference.  I traced around the wood seat base and cut the foam about an inch wider.

Then I used some quilt batting and cut that a little bigger than the foam.

Then I cut the fabric a little bigger than the batting.  As you can see, it doesn’t have to be measured or perfect or anything.  Here it is with all the layers together and the wood on top.  Make sure the fabric pattern is going the right direction!

Then you get to pull out the stapler.  I started in the middle closest to me with one staple, then did the opposite side, pulling the fabric taught.  Once those first staples are in, it’s pretty easy to continue putting staples in until you get to the corners.  Then staple the other two sides, pulling the fabric taught.  Do the corners last and tuck them neatly before stapling.

And there’s the top of the seat!

The back was a repeat of the seat, so I’m not going to show you.  There was one difference though.  Since the back of the back (ha!) is visible, there’s a piece of cardboard cut to fit that also needs to be covered with fabric.  I used the same fabric as the rest of the chair, but it would be cute with something different too.  I cut the fabric a bit bigger than the cardboard and hot glued the fabric edges to the back.  It was way easier than I was expecting.

Again, make sure your pattern is going the right direction.

This is the frame of the chair.  I gave it a good scrub.

Once the hot glue was dry (cooled?) I used the tacks from the original seat cover and tacked the cardboard piece to the back of the back so you couldn’t see the staples.  Isn’t it cute fabric??

All that was left was screwing the seat and back onto the frame!  As you can see, I left the bottom as is.

And there’s the new chair!

And the back!  I was short two screws (just like the original chair), but I haven’t bothered to find replacements.

Sadie watched the whole process and helped out wherever she could.  She could barely wait to sit in it.

It’s so much more comfortable than it used to be, and looks a LOT better too!

I still think it would be cute in red sparkly vinyl though.

Recovering chairs is so easy, there’s no reason not to try it!  It hardly takes any fabric.

And babies love pushing them around the house.

The end.


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