Another Toy

I told you in my last post about another new toy I had to show you.

Well, I uploaded a picture of it from my camera.

Ta daaaaa!

Yep, it’s a tripod.

The box for it anyway.  Here’s a picture of the actual tripod.

Still not the greatest picture, I know.  I took it in the truck on the way home from getting hay (and picking up the tripod too).

My dear hubby gave me a gift card to Lens & Shutter for my birthday, so I used up the entire thing buying this baby.  The handles turn the head smooth like buttah, and it has built in bubble levels and a hook underneath to hang heavy stuff to hold it down in case it’s windy, like my camera bag with the other lens.  Ha!

I had to set it up when we got home and try it out.  See, I have this little problem with taking pictures inside my house.  Everything turns out yellow, or (because I hate using the flash) slightly blurry.  I now change the white balance automatically when I’m about to shoot in the house, and that definitely helps with the colour, but I still end up using longer shutter speeds (fuzzy!) so I don’t have to use a higher ISO, which makes the pictures grainy.

Sorry, that was probably confusing.

Anyway, now I can take pictures with the right white balance and use a low ISO (no more graininess) and the shutter can take as long as it feels is appropriate.

Here’s my chosen subject upon entering the house and setting up the tripod whilst sending a toddler to bed and getting the baby out of the car seat so he can be fed and go to bed and trying to remember what I was making for dinner and having to pee.

Pretty accurate light, and crisp as overcooked bacon.

Now I’m hungry.


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