Just A Chat

Wow, it’s been a busy week!  Darryl has been out of town since tuesday morning (at 6am when me and the kids dropped him off) and he’s coming home this afternoon!  He was working at a development called Tobiano in the middle of nowhere in a desert (dismantling office trailers…guess no one wanted to live there).

It’s been kinda nice having the car all week.  I must admit, I’ve been to town every day.  Not because I HAVE to get out of the house, but because I’ve been ABLE to get out of the house.  It’s like a novelty.  After going to town the first three days, I was planning to stay home today (the novelty was wearing off already), but ended up going visiting to a friend’s house.  I like having the option, though I think I would limit trips to town to once or twice a week if I had the option of going anytime I wanted.  It interferes with housework.  Sad but true.  If I’m to be in town by 10, I don’t even start any housework until 3pm, even if I’m back by naptime (noon).

Normally (not ever going to town) I do all most of my housework in the morning while the kids are up and save maybe 1 or 2 tasks for afternoon.  That way I can enjoy a tidy house for the rest of the day and maybe even do something creative without having to clear off surfaces first.  A clean house is much more conducive to creative pursuits.

What did I do in town?  I bought some groceries, some thread (I’ll show you that project when I’m done) and some batting (another project I’ll show you soon), one of my favourite Dr.Seuss books, Fox In Socks (For Sadie, of course), contemplated buying a live plant, took Sadie to Story Time at the library and borrowed a box full of books, and visited with lots of friends.

At home, I made bread, yogurt and ginger beer, cleaned both bathrooms (yes, that deserves to be mentioned here), made chicken stock, meatballs and pizza dough, and worked on one of my projects.

Oh, and watched chick flicks every night!

I think that was the best part.  Even better than going to town.  Maybe having spent the last 2 months watching 4 seasons of The Unit had something to do with it (though I did enjoy it).

I have no pictures for this post because I haven’t taken any recently.  Nothing outside inspires me cause its still snowy everywhere.  We got another inch this week but it wasn’t enough for me to bother firing up the truck to plow it. People I know have seedlings started in their houses already but my garden has a foot of snow on it and I don’t get enough sunlight anywhere in my house to start plants anyway so I have to wait for my greenhouse to thaw out.

There’s always a trade-off.  I have a longer winter and shorter growing season, but I live on 10 acres and have horses.  I can live with that. 🙂

Anyway, this post is rather disjointed and I’m going to make it even more so by telling you that Chad is starting to stand on his own for a few seconds at a time.  Not much longer till he starts walking!  He really wants to.

Darryl just called to tell me he’ll be back in town in an hour, so I’d better get the girl up from her nap and feed the boy before I have to go pick up the man.

Talk to you later!

Interesting Tidbit: The soft coloured circles in the background of a picture (like in the header above) are called Bokeh.


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