The Addition

Nope, I’m not talking about the renovation that’s taking a coon’s age to complete.

I’m talking about the newest addition to our home.

Our new dog!

I love online classifieds.  Have I mentioned how much I love online classifieds?

We got him for free.  He’s a red/blue heeler.  3 years old.  Neutered.  He’s great with the kids and loves fetching a ball.  He’s quiet in the house, even when someone comes to the door.

Oh, and his name is Kai.  It works fine but I keep wanting to call him Cowboy.

He’s fitting in really well and he’s really happy and relaxed.

I’m really happy to have a heeler again.  I had one when I was a teenager and she was great.  She followed me everywhere when I rode my horse.  Hopefully Cowboy Kai will too.

Welcome home Kai!


3 thoughts on “The Addition”

  1. What a beauty! I don’t know if you’ve heard that I have a new doggy too! Roxy is mini australians shepherd/Border collie – adoption pending. She’s lovel! 25 lbs of pure energy and affection. She’s getting me out for lots of walks – good for both of us. She’ll have a great time next time we visit you.

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