An Old Print

We were browsing through the thrift store the other day (I was there to find sheets for another rug) and the second I saw this photo, I knew it was coming home with me.

And at this price, I couldn’t refuse.

I think it’s actually a print of a painting done in 188-something.  Can’t quite make out the last number of the date or the artist’s name.

On the back is this label.  I googled it and the name came up as a well-known artist who painted fancy porcelain vases in the late 1800’s.  Not sure why his name is on the back of this since it’s definitely not the name of the artist on the front.

It looks like there was another label or something over this label that was torn off.

Any ideas?

Regardless of what these names mean, I really like the painting.

I think I’ll keep it.


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