Sadie’s New Bed

Last summer we picked up a little wooden bunk bed set from the online classifieds for $50.

I liked it much better than most bunk beds sets I’ve seen and I figured we would need a set eventually.  We skipped the crib and the  toddler bed.  Too much furniture.

Sadie’s been sleeping in her playpen and still hadn’t figured out how to climb out, but she’s old enough for a big bed now.  We got a foam mattress (regular twin mattresses are a little too big for this bed) and set it up in her room last night.

Needless to say, she was pretty excited.  We also “packed away” her soother along with the playpen and she didn’t even ask for it until nap time today (which is going well if you don’t count the not sleeping part).

I put the little black table next to her bed, and the first thing she says is “I need a lamp”.  How did she know she could have a lamp there?  She’s smart, that one.  I put the monitor there with the nightlight and that sufficed.

We finally got the deer photo hung up on the wall too.  It was taken by my grandma and was in a calendar once.

And the mat?  I made that last week.  I thought about putting it in the kitchen but the white is too white for that and it looks better in here.

I have another project on the go for Sadie’s room as well.  I’ll give you a hint.  I can’t find any bedding I like!

I also plan to paint the bed at some point, but it might be a while before that becomes a priority!

Darryl checked on Sadie this morning and she was curled up at the foot of her bed.

Looks like she had a good time though.


2 thoughts on “Sadie’s New Bed”

  1. Looks awesome! I bet she’s going to be really happy with the bed once she’s totally used to it. It took Kami a long time to not curl up sideways at one end or the other, she was so used to a smaller space. Can you send me the link where you learned to make the rugs? I’m thinking about making one, too!

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