Sunny Side Up

Back in November, I collected an egg off the floor of the chicken coop and thought it looked a little weird (especially under the red heat lamp).  Once I got it into the house it looked even weirder.

Kinda greyish.

The next day I found another one on the floor.

That’s the day I figured out why it looked so weird.

It was a duck egg.

The one duck we have left (the boy got eaten by something that broke into the chicken run) was a girl and she started laying eggs.

One a day ever since.

It was a while before we were brave enough to try eating a duck egg.

We scrambled one and tried a little nibble.

It tasted like chicken.  Chicken eggs, that is.

After several attempts at eating duck eggs, we decided they taste great, but the texture was a little more rubbery (apparently due to less water in the egg) than chicken egg when fried.

Then I looked up the nutrition of duck vs. chicken eggs and discovered duck eggs are higher in almost everything…including calories (who’s counting?), fats (the good-for-you kind), vitamins (B6, B12, A, etc), amino acids, and minerals.

We were thinking about giving them to the dog (when we get one), but now I think we’ll have to use them more…in baking.  While I don’t mind giving a dog a great diet, I can’t bring myself to toss all the duck eggs in the dog dish and leave ourselves with the nutritionally inferior chicken egg.

After all, we don’t HAVE to fry them.  We can use them in our pancakes, in quiche (must add to our menu soon), or in whatever sweet treats Darryl decides to concoct next.  Apparently they make cakes lighter and tastier.  Must try THAT soon!

So there you have it.  My humble opinion that duck eggs are better for you and so should be disguised into every egg-containing food as possible, but not fried.

PS. I did not write this with any ulterior motives, but in case you’re interested, we have duck eggs for sale for the same price as our chicken eggs.  $3.50/dozen.

PSS. I think we’ll get another pair of Cayuga ducklings or a full-grown male this summer and see if we can hatch some babies!  We keep ducks because we like them.  Even though they muddy up any water trough they can get at.  So does Sadie.  And we like her too.


4 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up”

  1. The Chinese preserve duck eggs. But somehow I don’t think this would appeal to you. If you developed a taste for them, however, this could be a fine use for your interlopers.

  2. Sorry to hear you lost a duck! Those ducks are the most beautiful duck breed I have ever seen! getting some more ducks to keep your lone dam company is a good plan. You do seem to have predator issues.

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