Daddy’s Little Helper

Darryl is the baker in our family.  Except for bread and the occasional cake, I don’t care for baking that much.  I’d rather cook.

But in exchange for baking our bread every week, I only need mention that I have a hankering for something yummy and he starts looking for a recipe to make.

Sadie loves helping, which is great, cause she’s learning how to bake so that I won’t have to at all when she’s older, and because I don’t have to teach her!  Though I will teach her how to make bread when she’s a bit older so I can do other stuff (like make butter..when we get a cow.  But then I’ll teach her how to do that too).

When I bake, I like to get it done and have it come out right the first time and have the kitchen cleaned up by the time I’m finished.  Darryl has a lot more patience for spilled flour and too much cinnamon than I do.

Darryl said yesterday that by the time Sadie’s 3 (in 4 months), she should be able to mix up the pancake batter (from scratch) and drop it in the pan all by herself!  She knows where all the ingredients are and she’s getting much better at measuring them out and stirring them together.  He’s working on teaching her what pancake batter should look like, and how to add more liquid or flour if it’s too thick or too runny.

She sets the table and helps empty and fill the dishwasher and puts away her laundry.  She’s such a great helper.  I tell her that at least once a day.

Well, here are a few photos of Sadie and Darryl making cookies one evening.

Eating cookie dough.

Adding too much cinnamon.

Showing me her rolling pin.

This one’s my favourite.

Rolling out a cookie.

Now she’s helping me sell eggs at church.  She brings the cartons over and gives them to whoever buys them.

The other day I had the car (woohoo!) so I took her to the “coffee store” and bought her a hot chocolate (decaf caramel something-or-other for me), then went to the library and took home a dozen books for her.  It’s definitely a lot of fun to do that kind of thing when it’s only once in a while.  Makes it more special.

Kinda like how grocery shopping is special for me cause I only go twice a month.

Maybe that’s just me.

Never mind.



2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Helper”

  1. Great pictures of the Bakers! Chef Darryl has a very intent look on his face as he peers at the laptop, eh? Chef Sadie is adorable – just adorable!
    BTW ~ Cute apron! 🙂

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