Yummy Soup!

I made soup the other day.

Well, I make it a lot actually, but this was a new one I’ve never tried before.

It’s from the Pioneer Woman‘s website (surprise, surprise).  Everything I’ve ever made from her site is delicious.

But this soup caught my eye and I had most of the ingredients.

I used leftover turkey instead of shrimp, and Darryl couldn’t find Great Northern beans at the store so he bought white kidney beans (they’re probably the same thing anyway).

I tasted kale for the first time when I was ripping it up for this soup and it was really good!  I grew kale in my garden one year but it just didn’t look that appetizing and I never tried it!  I will plant lots this year.

The verdict?  It’s AMAZING soup.  Easy to make, and the leftovers were great too.  The kale actually stayed firm even after 3 days.  It’s on my menu for this week again, only I might use different beans and skip the meat completely (shhh, don’t tell Darryl), partly cause I can’t bring myself to buy chicken from the store anymore.  Since growing our own chickens the last couple of years, I have joined the ranks of Chicken Snobs and the thought of eating tasteless, dry chicken from factory farms is frankly repulsive.  I would buy real chicken if my budget allowed for it, but I think I’ll have to wait until we can grow some more broiler chickens in the summer.  We’re planning to raise 3 batches of 50 and have them professionally butchered (so check back here in summer if you want to buy some real chicken).

Anyway, try the soup this week.  I know you will have at least one day when you don’t have a clue what to make for dinner, so go buy whatever ingredients you don’t have so you’re ready to make it when uninspiration strikes.



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