Creating Christmas

About my recent absence…I have no excuses.  Sorry.  Now I have a lot of catching up to do, including some posts that should have been written before Christmas.  My bad.

In case you didn’t know this about me, I like to make as many Christmas gifts as I can handle without going insane in an already crazy time of year.  Though I must say, this year I have been the least stressed out in recent memory.  Which was nice.  I felt like I was in a peaceful bubble while everyone else was running (driving) around like a headless chicken.  Quite amusing to watch, actually.  Making gifts shortens the required shopping list considerably so I don’t have to spend DAYS looking for stuff.

Anyway, Christmas is over so you don’t want to hear about that.

But I will tell you about a few things created in my humble kitchen.  One of them was salt dough ornaments.  I had this genius idea of making hand prints of the kids’ hands for grandmas.  There was extra dough so we cut out some other shapes.  Then Sadie got to paint for the first time.

Her understanding of the colour wheel needs a little help, but she loved mixing green and red and blue to make…grey, and smearing it all over the ornaments.

And in the 20 seconds it took for me to get the camera, she discovered that her hand could also be painted.

In the end, I decided to use them as gift tags.

Sadie picked a shape for each person and I wrote the names on the back.  Sorry, Luke and Steph, I forgot to put yours on your gift.  I still have it.

And I ended up sending all the cute handprint ones to grandmas and now I need to make more before another year goes by and Chad’s hand is no longer tiny wee.  I’m sure Sadie won’t mind painting them.

I made a messenger bag for Micah (my nephew) cause he like to carry his little sister’s purses around and thought he could use something a little more masculine.

I used a pair of pants that (ironically) his mom gave me a while back that I don’t think I ever wore.  They were perfect for this project cause they had pockets and ties with little buckles and a wide belt.

I wanted to make the strap adjustable but the belt wasn’t long enough to double back to the buckle, but I put the buckle on anyway.

It’s fully lined with camo fabric.

Lining it was pretty easy using tutorials online.  I am officially not afraid to try lining a bag anymore.

I didn’t get pictures of the handprints or the doll sling I made for Sadie or the oven mitts and dish towels I made for my niece.  Sorry.

Sadie loved the process of creating things for people.  I gave her little scraps of fabric that she snipped with her scissors and stuck pins in and told me it was a bag for Micah.  So cute.  She likes to sit at the sewing machine and slide pins into the cracks and she slips a scrap of fabric under the foot and says she’s sewing.

Maybe next year I’ll teach her how to use a needle and thread.

PS.  Have you ever wondered how our culture has gone from revering store-bought stuff to appreciating handmade things?  I think it was because people used to make their own everything like tables, beds, bedding, clothes, etc. so it was a novelty to get store-bought items, but since stores began mass-producing things the quality has declined to the extent that many people prefer quality handmade items now.  Not to mention the toxins used to make everything in factories now has partially contributed to our cultural health problems.  Just had to throw that in here.


2 thoughts on “Creating Christmas”

  1. LOL! Another very happy Grandma here, too! I agree with Carol – the ornaments were really wonderful! There is something special about home-made gits….. those hand prints are a real snapshot in time. I am already thinking along those lines (home made gifts) for next year. And as you wisely mention, Bekah – no toxins!!

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