Seasonal Events

I love watching kids sing songs up at the front of the church.  There’re always the distracted ones looking around, the ones waving at parents, and the little boy chest-bumping the girl next to him.

Don’t forget the really shy one with all her fingers crammed into her mouth.

Yep, that would be Sadie.

Despite preparing her as much as we could, she only lasted about half a song before she looked so distressed that Darryl crouched down in front and beckoned her.  She left her post with tears welling up in her eyes.  Poor girl.

She did sing the same songs at the banquet and looked a lot more comfortable, though she still didn’t take her fingers out of her mouth.  I think she did better cause she had a better idea of what to expect and the lights were much dimmer.

After that traumatizing event, we took her to see the best Christmas light set-up in the valley.  She loved it.

It’s hard to see much from this angle, but I had to prop my camera on the car to get a decent shot with the long shutter speed.  Darryl took Sadie for a little walk to look at everything, and when she saw the huge, lit up snowman, she started running towards it  cause she’s been watching Frosty The Snowman.  It’s like her favourite movie right now.

She was so sad when we left that Darryl took her back again a few days later.

Now anytime she sees lots of lights on a house (nothing like this display though), she says “Big lights!”

So cute.

We’re in Saskatchewan for Christmas this year, staying with Darryl’s family.  It took 2 days to get here and we stayed in Edmonton halfway through.

Oh, and I got my first speeding ticket coming out of the rockies, less than 10 minutes after taking over driving so Darryl could have a rest.  Ha!

After that I used cruise control.

I must say, the kids were AMAZING on the trip!  Sadie read her books and napped and looked out the window and fiddled with her blanket.  Chad slept or played with his toys.  We did put a movie (Frosty) on the laptop for Sadie three times over the 2 days of driving.  MUCH better that I was expecting it to be from hearing other people’s horror stories about travelling with their kids.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday!  We’re having turkey tonight and a roast tomorrow night and a turkey the next night.  Phew!

Merry Christmas!!


One thought on “Seasonal Events”

  1. The pictures are great – Sadie is so precious! Such a shy little Princess!
    So wonderful to have the whole family all together for Christmas! It’s the first time in years and years…. it’s the best gift ever!!
    Shy little Sadie is just holding her own and keeps to herself while Chad rarely stops grinning from ear to ear. They are both adorable!

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